Poor Man's Buffing Wheel




Introduction: Poor Man's Buffing Wheel

In this Instructable we are going to see how to make your own polishing wheel for dremel or any rotary tool from old jeans.

Step 1: Materials

  • Jeans or any old denim
  • Dremel Sanding mandrel
  • Scissors
  • Compass or Circular template (2" Dia)
  • Marker
  • Awl
  • Precision Screwdriver

Step 2: Buff Wheels

I start with marking circles using the template & marker. We'll be needing around 10 denim disks.

Using scissors I cut the denim disks. Using the Awl pierce holes through the center of the denim disks.

Once done through the disks, keep it aside.

Step 3: Dismantling the Mandrel

Using the screwdriver removed the screw on top of the mandrel, this will remove the drum and the bottom washer. We'll be using the mandrel alone.

Step 4: Assembling the Polish Wheel

Take the mandrel, put down the lower washer and start inserting the denim disks one after the other. I made a washer out of a thick cardboard, this is just an additional support to hold the denim disks tight. Put the cardboard washer on the top then place the actual top washer and screw down.

Step 5: What Else? Start Polishing

Attach your new polishing wheel to your rotary tool and start polishing.

I suggest to use this wheel at very medium speed.

I use this for polishing a variety of materials including Glass, Metal and Resin.



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I didn't think Dremel would have enough torque to polish anything, even with a small buffing wheel but I guess I'm wrong. It would be very handy for plastics as you have to keep very light touch or they will melt/smear. I'm going to scale it up for a full sized buffer (minimum 8" dia) Will probably need a few pairs of jeans though

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I bought several packages of abrasive buff wheels and a package of buff wheels I use with my many commercial compounds and other things, like chromium oxide, baby powder, corn starch, diatomaceous earth, Bon Ami scrub powder and so on.

That aside, I'll have to play with your ible idea to see if I can get this to fly on my two speed AirHandler buffer.


P.S. One of my otherwise good wheels no longer worked on the arbor, since the hole had enlarged too much. On a whim, I threw some hot glue around the hole and it's been going strong ever since.

Hi, wondering how it'd be. Keep us posted once you're done :)

denim is tearing apart. i think that layers have to be glued together with some kind of neopren or wood glue to prevent cotton fibers falling out from circles...

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Hi, It happens. Whats the speed you are operating at??

This is a great DIY hack!! I think I'll try undied leather scraps, (to avoid any bleeding or staining), especially for blades. Should last longer and has a finer grain for buffing and sharpening. Great job!

Great! The numbers of layers of denim, enough for the mandrel? A tip from a friend and old wood carver: use dishwashing soap as the final buffing solution for carving tools. The tools are already sharp, this is the final thing to get them razor sharp and your wheel would fit my tool kit really well. I would only use this on metal.

Good idea! I will attack my daughter's jeans and then give them back to her with holes cut out of the legs, she will be super- trendy then ! You can use toothpaste as a water soluble polishing compound if you need to get rid of fine scratches on acrylic,etc, then buff off with another dry buff. Use the toothpaste which you can feel the gritty bits on your teeth (not the gel type).

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Lol, hoping she won't counter-attack ;)

So simple, practical, useful. Something I probably could have thought of myself, but didn't, so thank you for saving my brain from working more than necessary.

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I used a threaded rod, two washers and 2 bolts instead of a mandrel. Works too !

At the end od pt.2 the sentence is incomplete. What should it say please?

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Could you be more precise?, I couldn't get where you are pointing out, if something is missing I'd definitely update.

Sorry it was pt3 not 2. :) you say
"Using the screwdriver removed the screw on top of the mandrel, this will remove the drum and the bottom washer. We'll be using the mandrel and" and thats where it ends

Hi thanks for pointing out and voting, I've fixed it. It should be "the mandrel alone" :)

Oh no, try after sometime should get updated