Poor Man's Clarinet Stand





Introduction: Poor Man's Clarinet Stand

I decided to take up clarinet again after many years away from it. One thing I needed was a clarinet stand, as I didn't want to prop the clarinet up on the couch or a chair and have someone accidentally park themselves on it.  Prices for stands ranged from around $10 to $40, and being the son of Swedish peasants that I am, I looked for something that might fit the bill but for next-to-nothing.

I had a solution sitting right in our studio--the carrier/media spindle for a 200 pack of CDs/DVDs. The central pillar is fairly strong. This is what the spindle without the clear plastic cover looks like:

Step 1: Spindle Turned Into Cheapo Clarinet Stand

Here's my self-reburbished Henkin on the new stand. I found it to be very stable.



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    I'd weight the base maybe hot glue bolts with felt over, but I'm a raving paranoid.

    ...I never thought of that. XD I've been looking for a clarinet stand FOREVER, but I never wanted to but one. :D XD This is perfect!

    I have CD spindles, I just don't think I have a 200ct anywhere. Could you give me a height of the spindle? Maybe I could use a dowel on the inside of the spindle to add stability, if I know the height. Also, kudos on pulling your clarinet back out. I'm actually getting mine out again after my child decided to give it a shot.

    Hey Brother, fully excellent idea; where can I source one of these CD doodads?
    I'm fatboythin at y male dot com

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    Hey, glad this is useful to you. Carriers/spindles for CDs/DVDs are usually tossed into the trash after all the disks have been burned. I got mine from the place I work.

    If I can get ahold of a cd case thing I will for sure use this for my clarinet!