Poor Man's Pen Stand for You Graphic Tablet

If you acquire a pro pen tablet model (e.g. Intous, Cintiq) it include a (really) useful pen stand. Otherwise if you have a more reduced budget and acquire one of the Bamboo series, you haven't this pretty pen stand. But you can make one in five minutes at no cost.

Let's see how! You only need:

- an empty film canister
- plastic nib protector (included in the box)
- cutting tool (e.g. X-Acto)
- something to make counterweight (e.g. lead)

Step 1: Cut the Hole

Using the x-acto, cut a little hole on the canister cap.
About 11~12 mm diameter (diameter of the plastic nib protector).

Step 2: Fitting the Plastic Protector

During unboxing the pen tablet, you found that the pen came with a plastic protecting the pen nib (there is another protector on the eraser).
Assuming you didn't throw it away a long time ago ;-)

Insert the protector within the hole. You can glue it to make it more stable.

Step 3: It's Done!

And that's all. May be you need to fill the film canister with some lead, sand or something similar to make counterweight.
I hope you enjoy it :-)



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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea. I have a Capture coming in the mail in a week or so and i'll be sure to make this.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have a few graphics tablets and pens... but only one pen holder

    Great idea... Love it

    High Five for you!