Poor Mans Pumpkin Light/speaker

Introduction: Poor Mans Pumpkin Light/speaker

About: I like to make things But im limited on tools so most of my instructable are crude

I will show you how to make a poor mans Pumpkin light/speaker

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Step 1: You Will Need


Plan A is where you will take a speaker and then connect a audio cord or a audio jack to it.


Plan B is where you will take a pre made speaker (this is what i mean https://goo.gl/HX4U4q, YOU DON'T have to get that certain one) (if you have a Iphone 7 then you will need a wireless speaker)

You will need:

Light ( better yet LED strip )

cutting tool


Thin wire or fishing line

something that plays music

plastic pumpkin

Hot glue ( or any other glue )


Plan A specific things

- speaker

- audio jack or audio cord

- Lighter

- heat shrink tubing

Plan B specific things

pre made speaker

M.P. : Music Player

Step 2: Pumpkin, Marker

Take the maker and draw a outline of the M.P.

Step 3: Cutting Tool, Pumpkin


Cut where i show you in the picture

Step 4: Speaker, Wire or Fishing Line

tie it equally on each side

Step 5: Cutting Tool.. Better Yet a Drill With a Tiny Drill Bit

drill 2 holes opposite from each other

then tie the wire so the speaker hangs

Step 6: Done

I just put sand at the bottom to keep it from falling. Then I hot glued cardborad down so it would not com out. ( And hot glue all around the edges )

And I put a light where the iPod is supposed to be because I think it will work better.

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