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Introduction: Poor Man's Thor

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My husband and some of his colleagues decided to be the cheap and easy Avengers.  My husband's Avenger is Thor and he whipped up this costume quick last night and I thought I'd share it in case someone else needed to whip together a last minute Avenger costume.

Supplies and Directions:

  • Black short sleeve shirt
  • Duct Tape
  • Exacto knife and something to cut on top of
Using an exacto knife and three pieces of duct tape, cut out six circles and place them on the shirt as shown (Photo 3).  Cut out thinner strips and put on the rest of the decorations of Thor's armor.

  • Magazine
  • Small Box
  • Duct Tape
  • Marker
Roll up magazine and tape it so it stays rolled.  Close up the bottom of the box and cut a circle the same size as the rolled magazine in the bottom.  With the top open, tape the magazine from the inside to hold it in place.  Close up the rest of the box and tape it up.  Reinforce the magazine where it meets the box on the outside.  Cover the box in tape.  Draw on a celtic trinity knot on each long side of the hammer.

Hair and Facial Hair:
  • Cheep yellow blonde wig or dye your hair :)
  • Yellow Felt or grow out facial hair
  • Tape
Dye your hair or get a yellowish/blonde wig that goes to your shoulders.  
Take a piece of felt and cut out a piece that will reach from ear to ear.  Cut out a mouth and shape it to look like a goatee that reaches around your face.  You can attach something to each end so you can wrap it around your ear to hold it on, which we did, but we also used tape to attach it to his face since it wanted to sag in the front and flare by his chin.

Arm Armor:
  • Sparkly Silver Arm Warmers
  • Black Marker
It is best if you can find silver or gray arm warmers and if there is anything fancy on them, like frills, cut them off.  Using a marker, draw out a cross hatch design to imitate Thor's arm armor.

  • Red Sweatshirt
This is the easiest part.  Just take an all red sweatshirt and wrap it around your neck.

  • Your Choice, easiest is to just wear jeans

Look at that!  You're Thor.  It's cheap and easy and people will still be able to tell who you are!
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