Poor Man's Insulated Windows.

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It is really hot in our part of the county, There had to be a way to cut cooling costs without getting special insulated windows. This what I did to solve the problem.

Light = heat. Reduce the light and you reduce the heat.

Step 1: Before.

Step 2: How To.

What's needed:
Several rolls of oven rated aluminium foil
What to do:

Because of eaves on a building you will probably only need to cover the bottom half of the window.  If there are no eaves then maybe the whole window (in two parts so the window can still be easily opened in case of emergency.)

Cut lengths of foil to cover the bottom half of the window. tape the foil to the window. Do that on just the top side only and let the foil hang down. Make sure that the shiny side is facing out to help reflect the heat. Window blinds should keep it in place. You want to make sure you can still get out easily in an emergency.

Once window is covered, go on to the next window if there is one.

Notice: Some home owners associations frown on such activity, You might also be associated with the tin foil hat crew. Showing off the reduced power bill will gain you followers.

Step 3: After.

You can see now that the windows are much darker and the room is immediately cooler. You did well.



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    12 months ago

    Back at a house I used to live in The west side windows let in a lot of heat as well as light. I had some foiled bubble wrap insulation (the kind that they use to wrap water heaters). We cut pieces down to the size of each divided light and used double sided tape around the edge of the glass and stuck the pieces in place. We got both the reflecting of the heat back outside and the slight insulating effect of the insulation. The cooling effect was dramatic! It was even better than I had expected. Your instructable, good idea!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you meant to say "There had to be a way to cut cooling costs" instead of heating, but otherwise, good 'ible, smart idea! :D

    1 reply