Poor Man's Ipod Speakers.




Introduction: Poor Man's Ipod Speakers.

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Ever needed a pair of speakers for you ipod that you wanted on ebay? Costs too much?
Well...in this instructable, this the cheapest ipod speakers you'll ever find.

Note: I found out this was on instructables already. But I dont think its practical. https://www.instructables.com/id/Low-cost-everywhere-portable-Speakers-for-every-MP/

Step 1: Step 1: Stuff

Things you need.

1 piece of regular paper

1 pair of sizzers. =P

1 pair of earbuds that would be perfect for this instructable.

MP3 or ipod


2 mins on your hands.

Step 2: Step 2

start by cutting 2 very similar circles with the paper. Then cut two triangles out of it.

Step 3: Step 3

Then take the two sorta circles of paper and put one end over the other. Then tape it there.

Step 4: Step 4

The cut a hole at the pointy tip. Cut a hole big enough for the earbuds to fit. But not too small that it wont even go through. Then put the newly made speaker onto the ear bud. Make the second one and do the same.

Step 5: Done!!

This speaker is basically common sense. add some color design to the paper speaker then now crank it up to the loudest.

If your wondering how a poor man can get an ipod. Well, maybe he went to trift store, found one, and bought it instead of beer. Happy?




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    I have an iPhone, with External Speakers.. so it actually sounds good, and is much louder than the iTouch.

    Plus, I got subwoofer in my backpack that I plug it into. :D

    Ha! Mine is more valuable now because its not sold In apple Stores Now! HA! ( The apple store sells refurbished itouches 1 gen's though.)

    These are prison style speakers........trust me.

    I used an old CD and traced the two circles before cutting them out.

    Mediocre instructable, You might want to reread your descriptions, check for spelling grammar mix-ups, etc. Your photos are a little blurry, try using the macro function on your camera.. 3/5 stars..

    10 replies

    You might want to publish a few more instructables/forum topics to better the site and gain some respect before you go around shooting your mouth off. I mentioned some constructive criticism for Dkfa to improve his instructable. Most of which you could use on your only instructable.