Poorman's Portable Speaker System




Introduction: Poorman's Portable Speaker System

This is a very simple portable speaker made from a garden hose adapter.

The parts list is.

x1 big garden hose connector.
x1 female earphone connector
x1 earphone speaker (well any speaker that will fit.)
x1 piece of earphone wires (stereo)


side cutter
wire stripper.

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Step 1: Asemble the Parts

1.Fist begin by cutting of the unnecessary hose clamps, I used a side cutter.

2. Solder the female earphone jack to the wires and finally to the earphone speaker.
   As you might be wondering by now, Yes its a mono setup. Connect the ground of the stereo cables together,and then the color coded wires to each other.By doing so you convert the stereo setup to mono.

4.It may be a good idea to test the rig now  by plugging it into a audio source.

5.Slip the earphone jack down the hose shaft.

6. Skew back the other shell of the connector.

7.Plug in and enjoy..

Step 2: Future Improvements

This is so simple hack...

I would have been nice to maybe amplify the speaker or maybe finding a better quality speaker.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    small, and smart....do you have good sound quality from the pc?