Pop Box Mario ? Block

Introduction: Pop Box Mario ? Block

While cleaning my room, I noticed I had a LOT of extra pop boxes lying around. It got me thinking, how can I make use of these?

By building a prop straight from the Mushroom Kingdom!

This prop requires the use of scissors and possibly exacto knives, so please be careful.

I am in no way responsible for any injuries

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Step 1: Materials

Most of these items are junk and/or craft materials, so it should be fairly cheap and easy to find:

-2x Pop Boxes (in relatively good condition)
-Construction Paper (Yellow, Brown and Black)

These tools help as well:

-a Stapler
-Exacto Knife (Optional)
-Tape (Optional: Double sided Tape)
-a ruler
-a Writing Utensil (Pencil)

Step 2: Prepping the Boxes

The first step is to build your overall shape. That's where your boxes come in!

Start by opening up both ends of each box (carefully). The exacto knife helps here, since it can reach underneath the flaps, and cut the glue holding it together.

Next, using the stapler, staple the 2 boxes together from the inside (as shown). Because this is going to be hidden, it doesn't matter how bad a job you do. Folding the boxes might make this job easier.

Step 3: Completing Your Cube

This step is pretty much a re-sealing of the boxes. Again, you will be using your stapler.

This job will be covered up, so don't worry about putting a few extra staples in there.

You can tape the edges of the boxes to keep the boxes together. Taping the ends down will also help hold the edges down. This will help in the next step.

Step 4: The Colouring of Faces

For the next part, you will need your yellow construction paper, a ruler, a writing utensil and your glue/tape.

Start by measuring one of the faces. Mark this measurement down on your paper, and then cut along this line. Don't worry about the width wise part of the paper; you can tape these flaps onto the top and bottom of the box (as shown)

I recommend using tape for this part, since you will be covering the edges.

Repeat this for each of the faces.

Step 5: The Trim

This next step is going to cover up any of the ugly tape you may have used in the previous step. Because this is highly detailed, it is recommended you use either glue or double-sided tape.

Start by selecting a face, and measuring one of its edges. It's easier to start with the outer edges, then work towards doing the top and bottom.

Once you have this measurement, mark it down on a piece of brown or black paper. This strip needs to be 2 inches wide (about), so also mark this down. Proceed to cutting it out.

Once it's cut out, fold it EXACTLY down the middle. This will help to evenly place it on the box edge.

Tape or glue your strip, cutting any excess off the edge. Continue with ALL other edges.

Step 6: The Question (Marks)

Next up is your Question Marks. Whether you want to print these off, or hand make them is up to you. I'm going to make mine by hand, trying to keep a pixelized feel to it.

I'm using both brown and black for the shadow effect, but you can stick to just one colour.

The brown question mark can be made following the general idea of the diagram shown. Likewise, the shadow can also be made by following the diagram shown. The Broken line segments on the shadow diagram are to show you where the question mark will sit (your shadow should stay as one whole piece, should you decide to make both the solid and broken line segments in black). All my measurements were increments of 1/2 an inch. Hopefully these diagrams will give you a general idea.

Once you have both of these, cut them out, and paste the brown onto the black (in the outlined areas).

As careful as possible, glue or tape your question mark int the center of your LARGEST FACE.

You will need 2 of these, one on each side.

Step 7: Final Touches

The final details you will need to add is the bolts on each side of the box.

Cut 8x 1 inch squares out of black, and paste them into the corners. After you are done this, you are done! Let your block dry if you're gluing, or if not, enjoy your prop!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This used to be one of my favorite games growing up. Love this.