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Introduction: Pop Can Flower Rings

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This is a really fun way to reuse aluminum cans. For almost no money you can make super-cute recycled flower rings for yourself and your friends. It's easy and low mess, making it a great project for families or parties.

p.s. If you don't want to make rings, use the flowers to adorn whatever you like. The technique will be the same.

Step 1: What You Need

A craft punch with flowers. Flower dies should be about .5 - 1.5 inches. You can use a punch with multiple shapes like I did or use single shape punches.

Epoxy putty/clay. Mine is black. (You could substitute regular epoxy, but it's harder to work with.)

A hole punch. If you have one with a small diameter, that's ideal.

Rinsed aluminum cans - You'll need one or two per ring.

Any kind of ring base you like that has a pad for gluing.


A bead, button or crystal for the center of the flower.

Step 2: Prepare the Can

Aluminum cans are very thin and easy to cut with scissors.

Punch the scissors into the side of the can and cut off the lid and the base as shown. Cut the remaining cylinder open so you end up with a large rectangle. You can use just one can or prepare a couple so you have different designs to mix and match.

Step 3: Punch

Put the metal sheet in the flower punch(es) and punch out the shapes. You may need a little more pressure than with craft paper, but not too much. Make 3-6 flower pieces depending on how full you want the petals.

Step 4: Punch the Centers

Punch a small hole in the center of each flower cutout. Precision is not necessary.

Step 5: Build the Flower

Gather the flower pieces and stack up as many as you want. Line up the center holes. You can bend the petals up now or after the glue dries.

Remember: The printed surface will face out.

Step 6: Attach the Flower

Make a pea size ball of epoxy putty and stick it to the ring pad. Press your flower stack onto the putty with the unprinted aluminum facing the ring pad. Press firmly.

The epoxy will come through the holes in center of the flower stack. Press it down gently. Then take your flower center (one bead, crystal or button, etc.) and set it in the putty.

If the putty spreads out over the pad, just pat it smooth over the edges. This will actually help secure the flower.

Let the epoxy dry according to the package directions.

Step 7: Fluff the Petals

When the glue is dry, gently bend the petals forward into a shape you like.

Step 8: Ready to Wear

When you're done shaping, your ring is ready to wear. You can make as many styles as you have metal and punches. You can try different numbers of petals and can combinations, different flower centers and different epoxy colors.

Have fun!

Please post photos if you try the project and please remember to vote! Thanks!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I bet you could cut your hand on the edges pretty easily if you're not careful. Did the petals catch on things while you wore it?

    Rhonda Chase Design
    Rhonda Chase Design

    Reply 5 years ago

    I though this at first too, but it turned out to be no worse than working with card stock. I haven't gotten any cuts or scratches yet. I also haven't had any trouble with the petals catching, but if you're worried, only use the kind with rounded edges.