Pop of Color Summer Look

Introduction: Pop of Color Summer Look

About: Simple instructions for simple makeup. If you want to see me do a certain look or tutorial, please don't be afraid of dropping me a comment or a message! I'm always looking for new things to try out.

Using a pop of color in your eye makeup instantly enhances and draws attention to your eyes. It gives you a very fresh-faced look and really brightens up your whole look!

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Step 1: Things You'll Need:

-an eyeliner (preferably liquid, gel, or felt tip) that is either black, dark brown, or charcoal
-an eyeliner/eyeshadow in a bright color of your choice (If it's eyeliner, use pencil or kohl)
-angled brush
-assorted eyeshadows
-pressed powder
-eyelash curler (optional)

Step 2: Prep Your Eye

This look will look best when it's clean and sharp. Conceal any redness and dark circles by placing several dots of concealer on your eyelid and on the under eye area.

Blend the concealer with your ring finger by using dabbing motions. When you're finished, apply a thin dusting of setting powder over it.

Step 3: Lining Up

Line your upper lash line as thick or as thin as you desire. Since this look is a bit bold to begin with, I will be drawing a rather thick line. Make sure the line is straight and clean.

Begin at the inner corner, slowly draw along your lashes, and end exactly where your eyelashes stop.

If you want, you can trace over it with a matching eyeshadow to lock it in place.

Step 4: Winging It (optional)

I believe this look looks best with winged eyeliner, but it's totally up to you.

If you want it winged, at the outer corner of your eye, draw a slanted line that goes up towards your brows. Stop at the crease of your eye. Then, fill in the empty space. Take your time!

Step 5: Color Pop

And now for the color. Select a brightly colored eyeliner/eyeshadow of your choice. I'm using purple because it's the easiest to work with; it flatters all eye colors and skin tones.

If you're using an eyeliner, trace along your lower lashline, stopping at the edge of your lashes. For added intensity, go over it with a matching eyeshadow.

If you're using an eyeshadow, load up the color onto an angled eyeliner brush and do the same as instructed above.

Step 6: Extra Definition

Define your eyes a little more by popping a deeper color into your crease. Keep this color natural and try using a brownish shade a couple shades darker than your skin tone.

Step 7: Lash Out

Pair this look with lots of mascara, or even false lashes if you have the time. If you've got an eyelash curler, definitely use it! Use a couple coats of mascara, but not so much that you get spider lashes.

Step 8: Wrapping Up

Finish up the rest of your makeup and you're ready to go!

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