Pop Pop Boat !

Introduction: Pop Pop Boat !

This is such an amazing toy which will remind you guys so much about your childhood.

Everybody who is older than 18 can not forget the memory about handmade boat - POP POP BOAT

It's just made by trash: coke can, milk bottle, ... Have you missed your memory yet ?

Let me give you a ticket for being a child again :D

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Step 1: Prepare Materials

(1x) Beer can recyclable/reuseable

(1x) Plastic bottle recyclable/reuseable

(3x) Straws recyclable/reuseable

(1x) Utility knife

(1x) Adjustable adhesive (or heat resistant glue) (recommend epoxy glue)

(1x) Nipper

(1x) Candle and a small holder (any heavy circle thing )

(1x) Copper pipe (bendable)

Step 2: Making Progress - Motion Device

Cut beer can, take the body(rectangle: 10cm x 5cm)

Lightly double it

Fold it’s edge (1cm)

Spread it out

Stick by glue (2 places)

Use nipper for sure

Wait it dry

Step 3: Boat’s Body

Cut the bottle and take a half

Stick 2 straws on the motion device

Carve a hole at the middle of boat’s body

Pass motion device through the hole and cut the excess part

Check its tightness in water

Stick boat’s body and motion device

More glue to make it airtight

Step 4: Candle Holder

Use a heavy thing to make the boat steady, avoid overturning

It will be the candle holder too

Stick it on boat’s body

Bend the copper pipe to hold the motion device from falling


Let water pass through straws and don’t let it out

Put the boat on water

Lit the candle and wait water boiled


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