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Introduction: Pop Tab Bracelet

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This is how you can make a Pop Tab Bracelet. Perfect for gifts and just fun crafts.

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:
• 18-22 pop tabs depending on the size of your wrist
• A piece of string long enough to go around your wrist three times
• Markers for decorating pop tabs (If you desire to have a colorful PopTab Bracelet.) You could also use paint if u wish.

Step 2: Design Pop Tabs

If you wish to color your pop tabs you can now before you make the bracelet. You may want to lay out some newspaper so you don't get marker on your working surface. And away you go coloring/design. If you don't want colored pop tabs then just skip this step. When your done coloring the pop tabs let them dry for a few minutes. Before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Start Building

Fold your string in half and hold pop tab put one side of string through each whole. Then put one more pop tab to the back of the first and line up the wholes. And feed the top string through the top whole and the bottom string through the bottom whole.

Step 4: Front Side X

Line up a third pop tab to the back of the second one. Feed top string through bottom whole and bottom string through top whole forming an x shape.

Step 5: Continue Adding Pop Tabs

Continue adding on the pop tabs until you run out of pop tabs. Along the way some marker might wipe off don't worry you can do some touch ups at the end.

Step 6: Tying It Off

Line up the first pop tab with the last pop tab. Feed the top string through the bottom whole and the bottom string through the top whole as in Step 4. Now turn the bracelet in side out. Then you will want to tie both the strings together. Using a knot of your choice. Trim off any left over string NOT the knot.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Now turn the Bracelet right side out. And now you can touch up on the marker that may have been wiped off in the making process.

Step 8: Reversible

You can wear it two ways. The side with the x's on it is the outside on mine but you can wear it with the x on the inside or the outside. So the two ways are x or =. On mine it is four colors so the x side is green and blue. The pink and orange is the = side.

Step 9: Thank You

Thank you for reading through my How to on Pop Tab Bracelets. Please follow me and favorite this How to. If you liked it comment if not comment. If there's something I could improve let me know and I could make another one.

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    Thanks for the Suggestions on Nail Polish. Yes you can use what ever kind of pop tabs you want. Just remember to punch a second whole on the Monster tabs.


    6 years ago

    or you could just use monster can tabs


    6 years ago

    try painting the tabs with clear nail polish after you color them in to prevent the color from wearing off