Pop Up Card (heart to Heart)



Introduction: Pop Up Card (heart to Heart)

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This is a sweet card that consists of a row of 7 connected hearts, which pop out when the card is opened. Cutting hearts and their shape outlines may take a while to complete. However, the result is well worth the effort.

To make this card, you will need,

Card stock (A4, preferably below 200 gsm to reduce the thickness of the card)

Craft knife


Craft glue


Double-sided tape



Plus templates-

Template 1 (Inner card)- http://goo.gl/UeM08Q

Template 2 (Heart pairs)- https://goo.gl/dOAa8l

Template 3 (Heart outlines)- https://goo.gl/dOAa8l

Template 4 (Outer card)- https://goo.gl/dOAa8l

I hope you enjoy the full instructions in the video and good luck with making it!

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