Pop Up Card (twin Hearts)





Introduction: Pop Up Card (twin Hearts)

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This is a relatively simple card, which however requires a bit of cutting.

The result though is well worth the effort.

To complete this project, you will need the following.

Card x 2 (A4, 200 - 250 gsm preferred)

Craft knife

Double-sided tape


Superglue (gel type)

Glue stick

Templates can be found here:

Template 1 (Card insert) - https://goo.gl/1ZWyR4

Template 2 (heart units) - https://goo.gl/XP7zjK

Template 3 (support units) - https://goo.gl/g7vYYf

Template 4 (Card cover) - https://goo.gl/VAHwGG

Simply follow the instruction of the video and you will be able to create this magical card.



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