Pop-Up Schedule (Or Anything Else Printed on One Sheet of Paper)




This instructable will show you how to fold a piece of paper so that it unfolds in one easy step. This is handy for schedules, photos, or anything else that can be printed on one sheet of paper. Below is a video of the one-step unfolding process:

Step 1: Folding (Step 1)

Begin by folding paper in half like so:

Step 2: Folding (Step 2)

Then fold into quarters like so:

Step 3: Folding (Step 3)

With top of paper right-side-up, fold in half, right to left:

Step 4: Folding (Step 4)

This step is a little complicated, so here is a video:

Step 5: That's It!

Very handy for a school calendar, or any piece of paper that you need immediate access to.



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