Pop-up Dragon




Introduction: Pop-up Dragon

This pop-up dragon is made from pieces of wallpaper. The wallpaper gives the dragon a unique look and texture. Many decorator, hardware and wallpaper stores are happy to give away expired sample books that will give you the material you need. The papers are of excellent quality, and the designs are inspirational.

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Step 1: Materials

- scissors
- printer
- glue
- wallpaper sample sheets
- A5 cardboard paper
- exacto knife
- pencil

Step 2: Begin

- Print out the dragon design and cut out al off the pieces that you’ll will need.
- Choose the wallpaper sample sheets that you’ll like for your dragon.
- Transfer the dragon design to the back of the wallpaper, just use a pencil to transfer the design.
- Now you can cut out the design from the wallpaper sheets.

On the design you will find some teeth, four small teeth on the right and left side and you will find one big tooth one the right and left side. In the end I didn’t used the big teeth. I simply didn’t like them on the dragon. Instead of the big teeth I used more of the smaller teeth. I cut out 1 piece for the upper jaw and two pieces for the lower jaw.


Step 3: Gluing and Folding

- Fold the face piece and the lower jaw in half in a vertical line. 
- First glue the horns to the face of the dragon.
- Second glue the side horns to the face of the dragon.
- Third glue the small teeth to the face/upper jaw.
- Fourth glue the small teeth to the low jaw.

When you glue the small teeth to the lower jaw, you will see excess wallpaper. Just cut the excess wallpaper from the lower jaw.

- Fifth glue the lower jaw to the upper jaw/face.
- Now we are going to fold the rectangle piece of wallpaper.
- Fold the rectangle piece of wallpaper in a vertical line in half.  (The color of the rectangle wallpaper must be on the inside of the fold)
- Make a diagonal fold on the piece of wallpaper. You need to hold about 1 to 2 centimeter on either side of the wallpaper. With this fold it doesn’t matter where the open or closed side is of the wallpaper.
- Open the piece of wallpaper and make sure you have the top punt of the fold is in almost in the top of the wallpaper.
- Now fold the outside of the triangle back and at the same time fold the wallpaper in half.
- Fold the top open side in a diagonal line to the closed side of the wallpaper.  
- Open the top piece of wallpaper and fold the outside of the triangle to the back.
- Glue in my case the top white pieces and glue it to the top of the dragons head. The top punt of the wallpaper most be in the top punt of the dragons head.
- Cut a small diagonal line in the bottom of the piece of wallpaper.
- Fold a A5 paper in half.
- Glue the bottom of the cut wallpaper to the bottom inside of the A5 paper. Glue the piece in an angle so the horns stay inside of the A5 paper.

Let the glue dry and you have your own pop-up dragon.

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    3 years ago

    What is a5 paper?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I don't know the exact measurements but a5 refers to the size of the sheet of paper. Type it in to Google--you'll find the measurements right away.