Popcorn With Herbed Garlic Butter & Lime Dressing




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This recipe is pretty much seat of your pants... no real measurements and the herbs can be be switched to what ever your taste leans to...

So here is my take on Lime, Herbed Garlic butter Popcorn....

Step 1: Ingredients

Key Lime Juice - (Key limes are just for fun any lime would do)..
Finely Chopped Garlic
Finely Julienned Basil
Finely Julienned Oregano
Sea Salt

Amounts depend on how much you want to make but keep the proportions about 1/3 lime juice to 2/3 butter. I like plenty of garlic, 4 cloves per cup. Herbs empart plenty of flavor to the butter so do not over do it. 

This is pretty much the same as making a salad dressing.. and of couse you could sprinkle this on just about anything... toasted baguette, wings, use your imagination!

Step 2: Garlic Herbed Butter Dressing

Melt the butter and set aside all but a tablespoon.
Add finely chopped garlic and fry until just browned.
Remove garlic and set aside.
Add herbs and a tables spoon of melted butter to frying pan.
Fry herbs til crispy.
Add in chopped garlic and rest of the butter.
Add the lime juice stir and pour into serving bottle.

Step 3: Pop Da Corn

I don't need to explain you've been doing this for years... :-)

Step 4: Ta Da!

Sprinkle the Lime, Herbed Garlic butter dressing over the hot popcorn.
Sprinkle with sea salt & serve immediately...

Remember you can sprinkle this on just about anything... toasted baguette, wings, use your imagination!

Eat and enjoy!



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Not much more than putting regular melted butter on your popcorn. Key is to shake the bottle so everything is mixed otherwise the lime juice rises to the top.