Pop'n Music "Convertible" Arcade Style Controller (ASC)




Introduction: Pop'n Music "Convertible" Arcade Style Controller (ASC)

Pop'n Music is a music simulation arcade game produced by Konami, featuring bright color design and cute cartoon characters yet surprisingly challenging to master. Konami has released a few titles on the Playstation platform. Someone managed to make the game runnable on PC. (How to obtain such copy is not discussed here)

But what's the point if it's only playable with keyboard? I am looking for authentic arcade experience! So I make my own ASC (arcade style controller) and now I have released all the designs with MIT Free, open-source license and to share the joy with you.

My personal unique situation drives the following unique design goal - 1. The controller could be disassemble for move and storage. 2. It could be cheaply produced by workshop. So it ends up being Aryclic/Plexiglass design.

I have released all the drawings and source file used to make this: 1. The buttons stand design. 2. The firmware. Please check that out at https://github.com/sam0737/PopnConvertibleAsc .

1. Obtain the design - have the aryclic laser cutted by your favorite workshop. Cost: ~USD 30
2. Buy the buttons. The diameter of the button is usually advertised as 100mm but in fact is 98mm. Cost: ~USD 25
3. A AVR USB dev board. Cost: ~USD 10. (Recently such dev kit was mass produced and made a lot cheaper due to popular PS3 downgrading hack)
4. Assemble and solder a few wires.
5. There is no step 5. Just enjoy playing!

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    3 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago on Introduction

    could I make this out of MDF? What thickness should I use if so?


    4 years ago

    Hey mate I'm curious as to how you wired the keys in trying to implement this do I can use it as a keyboard kind of design for a different project for eg I press one button it moves me forward where did you get all the wired and do you have a video maybe of how you set upte wiring ?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get the buttons so cheap? The lowest I could find was $11 each, which after 9 buttons comes out to $100, not $25.