Poppy Hack




Introduction: Poppy Hack

Here's a really easy hack so that you can wear your Remembrance Day Poppy without one of those pesky pins.

Pull off and discard the green stalk.

Use epoxy to glue together the black centre, the red poppy and the green leaf.

Finish off the poppy by gluing a thin, suitably size neodymium magnet to the back of the poppy. A 10mm circle would be perfect but the two 5mm x 10mm magnet that I used worked well.

Set the poppy aside to let the glue cure completely

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Step 1:

To securely fix the poppy to your clothing use one of these super patriotic metal disks :-) There are two types of penny in the UK, make sure you choose the one that is attracted to magnets.

Step 2:

To wear the poppy hold it on the outside of your clothing where you want it to go, then clip the coin to the magnet from the inside of the material. Ta daa! Safe, secure and no pins.

Here's a link to the UK Remembrance Day website

(Originally from notes.robives.com )

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    A quick warning to people with pacemakers. Most pacemakers go into 'safe mode' when you place a magnet over them, which causes them to turn on continuously rather than only when needed. I suspect the left lapel is close enough to a pacemaker to trigger it.


    4 years ago

    so simple. Although, I have an enamel badge instead anyway