Popsicle Picture Frame

Introduction: Popsicle Picture Frame

These picture/photo frames are a fun craft for a majority of ages and also work really well as gifts for others. They are not very difficult to make, but still look pretty great on display! You can make them however you'd like (colours, decoration, etc) according to your own taste. I hope you find it fun to create this instructable, then display or give as a gift.

Step 1: Supplies

First of all, gather:
-15 popsicle sticks, (or 16 if you choose the alternate way to create this)
-glue(I used liquid glue)
-(optional) tin foil
-pencil/pen/writing utensil
-your picture/photo
-paper/construction paper (coloured paper) (Just a tiny bit ;D)
-and your hands
(it may look like alot, but you don't really need all of it ex:ruler, whatever you feel looks nice is fine)

Step 2:

Put 11 popsicle sticks side by side going left to right. (Not on top of each other) 
(It might help to line some tape on them when/if working with younger kids or for your own sake which can be removed later.)

Step 3:

Next, draw a line of glue on the very left (first) popsicle stick and the very last (right) popsicle stick.
Now, place two more popsicle sticks on the wet glue. 
Allow this to dry while you cut the next piece...

Step 4: Tin Foil ( Optional Step)

Grab a piece of tin foil, enough to wrap both sides of the rectangle. (Every inch of it) Wrap it around and tuck it down where the two popsicle sticks stick up and seal with glue.

Step 5: Bottom of Frame

Now you'll need to do some cutting. First place a popsicle stick on the bottom, and mark where it overlaps the others making it stick up. Make sure your markings when cut will allow the stick to fit in to ensure the three sticks are on the same level. Now, cut these markings. 
Now would be when you wrap tin foil around the stick if you've been choosing to do so, then seal with glue.

Step 6:

Now, as seen in the last picture, draw some glue on the bottom of your frame where the bottom stick is implied to go. Now place your cut stick on the glue. 
(Or in other words, set up your frame as in the picture, then slide the stick I'm holding in my hand on the left into place.)
If you try to skip cutting and just glue on the stick, when you try to put a photo in the frame, it will fall out.

Step 7: Top Piece

Wrap your last popsicle stick in tin foil if you have been wrapping them., and seal with some glue.
Simply glue the last stick to the top.

Step 8: Corners

Next cut two squares of paper with the measurements of approximately 4cm by 4cm. Now cut each one diagonally to make a total of 4 triangles.
If you've been choosing to do so, wrap these pieces in tin foil and seal with glue.
Glue each triangle to a corner as shown. These will help keep your photo in the frame and not fall out.
An alternate way to do the corners is to cut more popsicles down to size then glue those on... but that's too hard for me because it hurts my fingers to cut it. (Thanks to safety scissors) I've never tried it though, so I'm not sure about how it will look.

Step 9: Decorate Further (optional Step)

One last thing you could do is decorate your frame some more like with glitter. Customize and personalize!
Also, if you feel as though the frame is not well supported, you could easily glue another popsicle stick to the back to hold it all together, or leave the tape on from earlier/ add tape if you please.

Step 10: Add a Picture!

Now you finished your picture frame! That's it... almost. Now all that's left to do is add a picture!
Slide in your picture from the top. You might need to trim your picture/photo a bit to fit.
I hope you enjoy (ed) making this project/instructable, thanks for checking it out. Have fun!

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