Popsicle Stick Bomb




Introduction: Popsicle Stick Bomb

In this instructable i will show you how to create a popsicle stick bomb. this can be easily edited into a tripwire type of bomb, but i will make it into the type where you can throw something at it and it will "explode". or you could just throw the bomb itself. this is my 4th instructable please comment.

Step 1: Make a "V"

Ok this step is simple. you must take 2 popsticle sticks and place them in the form of a letter V. notice that the sticks are overlapping each other, make sure it is overlapping.

Step 2: Make a "W"

Now you must take 1 more stick and place it on top of the other 2. Make sure that the middle stick is ontop of the other 2. this will not work if it isn't

Step 3: Cross the "W"

Now you must cross the "W". take a popsicle stick and criss-cross the "W". look in the picture on how to criss-cross the "W"

Step 4: Cross the Crossed "W"

Now you must cross the "W" with one more stick. this time in the opposite crossings.

Step 5: Viola!!!

Now your popsicle stick bomb is complete. if you have a lot i have an idea. you can make like 500 of these. then fill a room with them. after someone walks in. there will be a chain reaction. the sticks at the bottom kinda split, but its not supposed to. please comment on this instructable

Step 6: See It Go KABOOM!!!!!!!!!

ok heres a video on me showing how to make it and exploding it!!!



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    136 Discussions

    i made a bunch then through them at the wall

    1 reply

    i don't really know were they went

    This stick bomb was hard to make.


    hey its a good one

    I made 5 bombs and threw them at my sister. LOL she screamed when they hit her. These make awesome pranks. Im using these for a school project, How to make essay.
    Im planning to rig an empty locker and bathroom with a couple of these.

    make one of these and take ito the park and throw it and watch what happens its awesom

    hi i love your bomb i tryed it my self to and it was great make some more there great and im 10 like you i hope i dont get baned

    5 replies

    lol thanks for the comment. im glad you like it. annoyance at such a young age. it makes me happy to know im tainting the minds of the young people. im 14. lol. EVIL!!!

    15 I WIN, seriously though i now have an arsenal of popsicle stick bombs, of different designs piled at the door waiting for my little bro' to step in 3:D