Popsicle Stick Grenade (pocket Size)





Introduction: Popsicle Stick Grenade (pocket Size)

How much fun can you have with 5 popsicle sticks?
More than what you would think!!

In this Instructable you will make a popsicle stick grenade.
Its pretty easy and you can make one in 15 seconds once you get the hang of it.

Surprise your friends with this quick and simple popsicle stick trick

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

5 popsicle sticks ( with out the popsicle)

so eat 5 popsicles
go to the hobby store and pick up a bag of popsicle sticks

the first option is more fun and tastier!

Step 2: Put the Grenade Together

Once you have your sticks its time to put the grenade together.

First take 3 of the sticks and put them into an "arrow" pattern
Make sure that the stick closest to you is vertical

Step 3: Adding the Support

Once you have the "arrow" shape, you will need to add support to hold it together.
Hold the 3 popsicle sticks at the top of the arrow with your thumb

Then slide one of the other sticks over the top stick (in the middle) but under the two outside sticks.

Now take your last stick and slide it under the middle one but over the two outside sticks, exactly opposite from the other support stick

Step 4: Rigging the Nade

Finally you need to rig the grenade to make sure that it will explode every time.

Gently take the two outside sticks (from the original 3) and pull them so that they barley sit on the middle/vertical stick.
This will let the grenade explode from 3 inches or so off the ground or table.

The second picture shows what it should NOT look like.

Step 5: Time for Fun!!

Now that the grenade is rigged to go off, its time to have some fun!!

You will want to throw them like a frisbee or a ninja star, not like a baseball.
If you do it right you can land it on a table where someone is sitting and have it explode right in front of their face.

These grenades are not dangerous but can upset people who are jumpy, so be careful who you throw them towards.

If you want to get really artsy, you can paint your sticks for an attack of color!

as a side note
this triangle design has been done by:
Van Halen

none of their designs included my step 4, rigging the grenade

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19 Discussions

I forgot about this! Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes I made this in a cube, but it was very hard. Most times I didn't throw it because then it'd be a waste of time.

Nice pictures,
BTW what was the free prize?

Wow I REMEMBER making these in like middle school..lol you got yourself my vote...i remember these things were great

1 reply

i know there are alot of other stick grenades here on instructables, but i personally like yours the most and im voting for you :)

1 reply

Hehe, looks like fun. I'll give it a shot next time I'm around some popsicle sticks.

Ah cool, I used to make these all the time, I even set out and made a big one out of 2x4s that I cut in half length wise.....it was hard to throw and didn't have the cool little explosion....it more flopped and fell all to pieces.....

1 reply

HEY... ive made one of these like 4 years ago :0. it looks exactly the same. what i used to do was make them at school and throw them at the people playing soccer on the oval :)

hey thanks for the comment...but if you would take a look at step 4 you will see that i have addressed that issue. Thanks again and yes they are VERY FUN!!

the pocket can be normal sized... it can be made rather quickly and stored in a pocket in the disassembled state... thank you bye the way. =)