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Introduction: Popsicle-Stick Racecar

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In this Instructable, you will build your own racecar out of popsicle sticks, hugs, wire, and hot glue!

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Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Heres the list of all the items, tools you will need to complete this project:
1. popsicle sticks of course! bought from the craft store, or saved ones from the tastey treat

2. hot glue gun. Not many other glues will work for this project because plastic and glue doesnt mix too well. EXTRA glue sticks! and pan to catch the dripping glue.

3. 4 hugs drinks, CHUG THEM as your building your project or if you can dig them out of the thrash can that will do.

4. 1 WIRE coat hanger. rare too find now a days, they are made of plastic now but take a good look in your closet.

5. scissors, not a good pair like your fancy cooking shears, just able to cut through the sticks.

6. wire cutters, hand sized hedge clippers.

OPTIONAL- a small nail, and ruler

Step 2: Give Yourself a Hug

To begin this project we will start with the wheels. Take your 4 hugs; tear off all the foil, and rinse the inside. Set all of them aside for now.

Step 3: Starting the Chasis

Begin the chasis of the car with 4 sticks alligned like so in the first picture, give them about an inch inbetween each other. Grab another stick; cut in half with your scissors, and glue the two pieces on top of the 4 sticks previously arranged at their connection points. Repeat this cut again with another stick and glue the pieces vertically like so in the last image of this step.

Step 4: Making the Roll Cage

Continue making the chasis with a roll cage. Its just a basic 2 popsicle stick virtue to have on your car. Take the 2 whole popsicle sticks and glue them diagonaly like so in the first and second picture of this step. Roll cage is done, now lets finish the chasis ending with a few special cuts. Take a popsicle stick and cut the very tips off of both sides. Now cut the stick in half to form 2 rectanglar pieces. Glue them like so in the last picture supporting the 2 previous placed sticks of the roll cage and the vertically glued sticks acting as posts.

Repeat the special cut two more times for the next step. Scrap the tips of the sticks.

Step 5: Making Space

Grab one of your pairs of previously cut sticks (two rectangular pieces) and glue one in the front of the car leaving space for the axle (coat hanger check) fitting. Take your other half and glue it onto the back. NOT NEXT to the other half placed in the last two steps, glue to the end as shown in the pictures.

Add to this your last pair of rectangular pieces and glue one NEXT to the last stick you just glued on. Fit it with the coat hanger again to be sure a proper fit. Take the very last half rectangle and cut it in half like so in the photo.. I set them on the area where they will be glued soon. Set the entire car and two pieces aside with the hugs and whip out your trusty wire coat hanger for the next step.

Step 6: Cutting Out the Axles.

With your coat hanger, chop the bottom of the wire off with your wire, hedge clippers. It is the straightest part and sturdiest of the entire thing. You have to unravel the twists to bend the wire like I did to make a clean clip. Refer to the pics for help! Save the extra wire for another project please :) take your almost 12 to 14 inch axle and split it in half too. Use a ruler to be precise if you wish. The last picture, set up all your parts to your racecar like so. Next step!??

Step 7: Pimpin' Out Da' Wheels

Set aside your some-what assembled parts for later. Switch them with your empty, DRY hugs containers. One hug at a time, stab a hole into the center of an upside down hug with the optional tool of a nail. A nail works best, so that the hole is snug for fitting the axle in the next picture. TOO BIG and you might have to get a new tool to puncture a hole into a new hug. Repeat this for all the hugs and continue with flippin the hug on its side. Jab another hole or two to fit the scissors into the side along a ridge the hug has manufactured on the container. Use this same guide ridge for every other hug to cut around it. Use my pics for an example of the appropriate tire width.

Save the other halves of the plastic hug for another project, we will also use them as improvised drying stands. Add the tires to each axle and assemble for a snug fit.

Step 8: Lots of Glue!

Time to set that glue gun to greater bondage. Excessive glue for the inside and outside of the wheels is not nessacary but will help the overall structure of the weight that the car can hold. Too add the finished axles to the car I let mine rest on the hugs halves to dry better, then took my last 2 stick halves and glued them to hold the axles in place on both the front and back of the racecar.

Step 9: Tuning Your Racecar

I took a piece of paper and drawn the number 20 on it! and added it with glue to my car. You can go all out customising your racecar, share a picture of yours with me in the comments section below. Thank you for building this awesome homemade racecar, follow me for more popsicle stick crafts and stay tuned!

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