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Introduction: Popsicle-Stick Rocking Chair

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This Instructables will show you how to make your very own rocking chair to scale!

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Step 1: Items You Will Need

Below are the items you will need to make a rocking chair! This Instructables takes an estimated time of 30 min to complete:

  1. Popsicle sticks of course, they can be used ones (fun part) or buy them at your local craft/hobby store!
  2. Hot glue gun, or any other type of glue like elmers or gorrilla, but hot glue is fast and easy to work with.
  3. If your using a hot glue gun be sure to have lots of glue sticks!
  4. A pie pan (my cheap way  to catch the dripping glue, and yes.. the pie was quite tastey!)
  5. You will need a pair of scissors/shears, not your good pair because cutting popsicle sticks could damage the blades!
  6. Water in a glass/cup (seriously important to avoid stick splintering/breaking)
OPTIONAL- a rubberband, you will see why in the later steps!

Step 2: Pre-soaking the Rockers

This step is just basically soaking two sticks in the cup/glass of water and setting them aside for now. You will get them out later in the future steps. This will prevent any breaking or splintering to the sticks during the bending process!

Step 3: Making the Back

Create the back of the chair with just 6 popsicle sticks.
Cut off the round ends at the sticks very tips on ONE side and then glue all the sticks together side by side.
The back is DONE! Simple? Set the back aside then move on to the next step.

Step 4: Checking on the Rockers

Switch the aside objects (cup/glass and back) to bring out the 2 sticks you soaked in a cup/glass water approx. 5 minutes earlier.
Now take those sticks out one at a time and bend them slowly with both hands.
Your goal is to get a nice curve that would rock the rest of the chair.
NOTE- These two sticks are wet so they are still able to move on their own and settle back to normal, if you have a rubber band, refer to the pictures on how to stretch the band over the 2 curved rocker sticks. You do not have to do this but it makes the process so much faster. So, you wont have to stop and play around with the curve while trying to build the rest of your chair.

Step 5: Making the Seat

While your rockers are drying to their forms, begin the seat with another 6 popsicle sticks.
Pay strict attention to the two specific cuts that are made!

Cut 1- Take 2 of your sticks and cut them in halves. You'll have 4 pieces now.
Cut 2- Grab your other 4 whole sticks and cut them leaving a 1/4 and 3/4 piece like so in the picture.

Check up on your rockers!

Now glue the 4 1/4 pieces of popsicle sticks into pairs of 2 side by side. (SET THESE ASIDE FOR LATER)
Next glue the 4 1/2 pieces into pairs of 2 side by side.
Then glue the last 4 3/4 pieces all together side by side.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

In this step you will be finishing the seat and putting it together with the back!

Finishing the seat:
Continue the gluing process by gluing the 2 half pairs to side by side, outside of the 4 sticks in the middle.
Attach the two pieces together like so in the pictures followed by the angle you need for a lazyboy style chair, having the back glued on top.
Add extra glue to the chair for more support.

Step 7: Making the Arms

What rocking chair doesnt have comfy arms to rest your very own?
Before you begin, check your rockers!
Build the arms by taking 2 more sticks and cutting them in half. You'll have 4 pieces now.
You MUST glue the 4 halves in pairs, WITH the outside stick on each pair side by side and farther than the inside stick. (about a 2 cm. gap)
Refer to the pictures for help if you need too!
Now bring your 2 paired 1/4 pieces back from the sidelines and glue 1 on each side of the seat vertically.
On top of that horizontally, take your 2 unique half pairs and fit them to glue into place. Take advantage of the gap to ensure a snug and proper fit.
The last picture of this step is what the half finished chair will look like!

Step 8: Making the Legs

Lets build the legs now, the second to the last step!
Grab 2 whole sticks and pay strict attention to all the cuts!

Cut 1- Cut the 2 sticks in half (4 pieces now)
Cut 2- Cut off the very few rounded tips of the 4 pieces
Cut 3- Take 2 of the 4 pieces and cut them in half now.
(6 in total)

Then, glue the 2 bigger halves braced against the bottom of the chair and centered.
Finally, take the 4 smaller halves and glue them on the edges and on top of the 2 previous pieces you just glued.

Step 9: Attaching the Rockers

To finish your rocking chair your going to add the rockers.
By now your rockers should be mostly dry, if not wait for them to dry and continue this step.
If you used the rubberband (optional) unwrap your rockers, or grab the seperated ones aside if you didnt use a band.
Now having the chair upside down, glue on the rockers.
Flip it right side up and then add extra glue to the segmented areas to reinforce its structure!

Step 10: Finished Rocking Chair

Congrats! You made your own popsicle-stick rocking chair to scale! You can customise it to your liking or make a man/woman out of playdough or clay to sit in the chair! Rock it away! I finished my chair off as a gift and added spray paint to it! GET CREATIVE!

Thankyou for making a popsicle-stick rocking chair! Share a picture of your's with me in the comments.

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    Zjschafer, can you make these in bulk OR do you know of any craft shop that can - $$$$. I am trying to arrange them for a wedding souvenir. Please let me know


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. My six-year-old daughter Riley and I built your chair this afternoon. She says, "I love your chair!" I appreciate your step-by-step instructions and clear photos. Cool craft.