Poptart Case for Phone, MP3 Players, and Other Handheld Devices!




Introduction: Poptart Case for Phone, MP3 Players, and Other Handheld Devices!

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I've been making these little Poptart and other felt cases for people for quite a while now and I thought it's time I shared a "how to" with everyone. You can make these to fit any handheld device you wish to give a little extra padding and protection to and they are adorable! Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Things You'll Need...

1 9''X12'' Piece of tan or light brown felt.
1 9"X12" Piece of felt in whatever color you wish your frosting and filling to be.
Thread to match both colors of felt.
A variety of small colorful beads to use as sprinkles.
The device you wish to make the case for.

Sewing Needle
Measuring Tape or Ruler
Sewing Machine (Optional: You can always hand sew the entire thing, but since I had a machine available I went the faster route!)

Step 2: First Step...

Use the measuring tape or ruler to take the measurements of the device you are making the case for.
You only need to measure the width and length of said device.

Step 3:

Take the measurements you collected and add a 1/2 inch to the length and 1 inch to the width. You'll want the extra space for your device to fit in easier and for the stitching.
Pin the measurements out on the tan/brown felt.

Step 4:

Take your scissors and cut the full length of the felt piece along the measurement pin you used to mark the width as shown in my pictures.

Step 5:

Take your felt cut out and fold it in half where the length measurement pin is. Then use your scissors to cut off the access felt you have sticking out.

Step 6:

Pin the tan/brown felt cutout onto the color you chose to use for filling and frosting. For this instructable I went with white.
After checking it is pinned down nicely, cut out a matching sized piece from your *insert color here* felt.

Step 7:

Next, use your measuring tape to cut off 1/2 an inch from both the length and width of your filling felt.
Then center the filling on the tan/brown felt piece

Step 8:

Fold your tan/brown felt and the filling felt together again and set aside for now.

Step 9:

Next, take your left over white (or whatever color you chose) felt and scissors. Cut out a little frosting piece that will fit into the center of your felt Poptart.

Step 10:

Get out your variety of beads. I used the really small glass beads for mine because I use them for other projects, but you can mix and match whatever beads you choose.

If you do choose to use the beads I have shown here you can pick them up at any craft store. They come in little plastic tubes and are known as glass beads or seed beads.

For my white Poptart I chose to use Red, Orange, Yellow, and White beads.

You'll also what to grab a needle and decent length piece of thread in the same color as the felt you are using for the frosting.

Step 11:

Sew the beads onto your felt frosting piece in a random pattern. These will be the sprinkles on your Poptart.
When you have all the beads you want on the frosting, tie off the thread and cut off the extra.

Step 12:

Pin the finished frosting piece on to the top of your Poptart. Then grab another decent length of  white (or whatever color you chose) thread and hand stitch the frosting to the top piece of the Poptart.

Step 13: OPTIONAL: Pocket!

This part is optional. As I have done quite a few of these for MP3 players, I began adding on a little back pocket for ear bud headphones and such. So this is up to you.
To make the pocket, just grab the scraps you have left of the tan/brown felt and cut a piece to fit on the back.
You'll want to make it at least 1/2 the size to 2/3 of the size of the Poptart length.
Pin the piece to the back of the Poptart and hand sew JUST the bottom edge as you did with the frosting. The sides will be sewn when you use the machine to finish the Poptart. And the top edge stays open of course.

Step 14:

Time to grab your sewing machine and finish this Poptart! You may also choose to just hand sew the rest as well if you do not have a machine to utilize.

You'll want to set it to one of the various zigzag options. For mine I chose number 4, but any of them will look good.

Step 15:

Use your machine (or needle and thread) to sew a zigzag seam along each side edge of the Poptart as seen in the photos I provided.

Step 16: OPTIONAL: Pocket Part 2!

As you can see here on the back of the Poptart, the edges of the pocket were included and it is also now sealed and finished. A very simple add on!

Step 17: Finishing Touches~

Trim off any extra hanging thread and your Poptart case is done!
You may now use it to tastefully store your handheld device.
I also find it noteworthy to mention that I have had no problem machine washing mine as of yet, though it is recommended you air dry them in case the beads you use have a tendency to melt.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh these are so cute. I'll have to go and find some felt!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I know that Walmart, Joann's Fabric, and Michael's sells those little felt sheets. Only 20-30 cents a sheet too! Although that price may change a bit depending on where you live. But yeah, good luck! You'll have to post some pictures if you do make some! :D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable... I want one jejeje i've the same cellphone... Congrats!