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Introduction: Popup Facebook Picture

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Hey everyone! All the pictures in the comments look awesome, and I've seen all kinds of people use this (Freddie Wong for example... sweet!) but unfortunately, Facebook's been changed and this doesn't work at all anymore. There are ways to do something similar and I'm working on an all new Instructable, but until then, this instructable will serve as a memorial of the older more simple Facebook...

I've got some fun ideas to try out when the new Facebook "Timeline" profile hits... Whenever that is. Look out for a new Instructable whenever Facebook releases that.

This how to make your Facebook Profile Picture look like it's transparent, or popping out of the page! You can even do what I did and make it look like it's behind the page, poking out!

Step 1: What You Need

Here's what you need to make your pop-up picture!

-A Camera, or a picture that you want to use.

-Photoshop, or the GIMP, or even Paint will do.

-The attached picture. (right click and save as)

Step 2: Get the Picture

First, get your picture.

Try to pick one that would make an interesting pop-up. If you are going to be making it look like you are peeking out from behind the white part of the page, hold a big white piece of paper in front of you to make the next step easier.

Step 3: Make It Pop Up/Out/In

Now, using Photoshop, or the GIMP, or some other image editing program that supports layers, cut out your image and get rid of the background. If you don't know how to go that, Google it.

Then, after it's cut out, copy it and paste it onto the background image. (You'll have to right click and save that image) You'll probably have to resize your image because the background image is very small.

Keep in mind, if you want to the image to be taller, you can't add height to it. You need to make the bottom part, the white part, longer. If you resize the grey/blue part, the image won't line up.

Step 4: Upload It!

When you set the finished image as your profile picture, the line in Facebook's layout matches with the line in the picture, making a seamless transparent image.

If it doesn't line up, move the image up or down a few pixels and try again.

Also, keep in mind, Facebook changes its layout a lot, making the image not line up. When it does, I'll try to update this Instructable.

UPDATE: I've been told by people here and friends on Facebook that the image doesn't always line up. This could be for several reasons like different monitor resolutions or browser settings, etc. So keep that in mind.

UPDATE AGAIN: If you do it, make a screen capture and put it in a comment down below! You can censor your name, like I did, if you want, but I just want to see how these come out!



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    Wow, great tool. but i dont think this can be done on facebook's current page style.

    Krishna Ahire



    Can u make the post for the timeline please. I already have the timeline and i want to have time to make it cool before everyone one else gets switched to the timeline.

    1 reply

    The size of the blue at the top depends on the length of your current status. once i realized that, it was awesome!

    keep it to one line and you're good to go. great instructable!


    Thanks a lot! The height of the gray part had to be adjusted a little, but it really worked out well!


     Sweet! I did it-- I had to adjust the top blue part of your file, in order to line it up properly.  

    inside facebook 2.JPG
    2 replies

    Well just follow the guide and post your picture so I can get a reference of where you are at... and if your picture is not lining up right, what I did was expand the length, or decrease it in order to fit.

    ( i ended up making 3 pictures, uploading all of them to my facebook, then changing them as the facebook layout changed, taller picture, smaller picture, etc. to line them up properly;

    I posted the "cake is a lie" thing on my facebook, not remembering where I got it from. :P

    Thanks a lot, I had a lot of fun with this!


    Thank you for this. Now I can freak out all my friends!


    Ok, I did it, didn't resize the background image at all, and it worked. Looked great. Then I posted something and suddenly it wasn't aligned anymore. Like 10-15 pixels lower than it was before. I don't get it.

     Sweet! I did it-- I had to adjust the top blue part of your file, in order to line it up properly.  

    inside facebook 2.JPG

    This is awesome but i think FB changed the header size :(

    anyone have the new dimensions?