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Introduction: Pork Fried Rice

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Ever wanted to know how Chinese Take Aways made Pork Fried Rice?

Ok, it might not be Roast Pork or Char Siu, but it's still Pork!

I will show you just how it's made in Chinese Take Aways (without the MSG and insane amounts of flavouring).

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Step 1: Your Weapon of Choice

If you don't own a rice cooker, I would strongly recommend buying one. they're relatively cheap these days and it's so much easier to cook rice with them.

Step 2: Gather Your Ingredients

This ingredients list will be enough to serve two people.

A) 1 cup of uncooked long grain rice
B) 2 Egg, You can use more if you want to
C) 2 Pork steaks
D) 2-3 Spring Onions
E) Peppers
F) A tablespoon of Vegetable Oil. Add more oil if you don't trust yourself to not get things stuck to your pan
G) Water
H) Soya Sauce

Step 3: Preparing and Cooking the Rice

If you prefer to use the boil in a bag rice, you may do so. You'll just follow the instructions from step 4

1) To start with you need to rinse your rice thoroughly, this is to remove the excess starch on the rice as well as any germs and pesticides. Usually 2 to 3 rinses using warm water is enough to clean it but you can rinse a few extra times if need be.

2) Drain the rice of all the water

3) Remember how I mentioned your finger as a piece of equipment? This is where it comes in handy. Make sure that the rice is level in the pan and then begin to pour cold water into it until the water level reaches half way up the first section of your finger - This will ensure that your rice is not too sloppy and not too hard when cooked, none sloppy rice will also be easier to fry too.

4) Make sure to dry the outside of the pan before placing it onto the rice cooker, put the lid on and push the 'cook rice' button

Step 4: Preparing Vegetables and Pork

1) Start on the vegetables first - Slice the Spring Onions and peppers into smaller pieces
2) When cutting up the Spring Onions make sure you remove the part that has roots first before slicing up into smaller pieces
3) The same sort of thing with Peppers, when you cut them in half make sure you remove all the white bits and the seeds
4) Dice the two pieces of pork into smaller cubes
5) Beat the two eggs in a bowl

Step 5: Spoon Out and Cool the Rice

The rice should be cooked within about 30 minutes, so as soon as it's done spoon out as much as you need onto a dish. I've used my chopping mat (which I washed) because I don't have any plates...

Leave the rice out for about 20 minutes or until it's completely cooled down. We do this to give the moisture a chance to evaporate so the rice doesn't stick to the wok later when we go to fry it.

Step 6: Get Cooking!

Start by frying the pork in about a tablespoon of oil on medium heat so that it doesn't burn on the outside too quick.

Fry the pork until the juices run clear. It shouldn't take too long because the pork is in small cubes.

Clean the wok out before adding some more oil in for cooking the vegetables and egg.

Throw in the rice and pork with the vegetables and give it a good mix. Fry for about 10 ish minutes or until the rice starts to steam a little

Pour in Soya Sauce to taste and give it another mix for a couple of minutes.

Step 7: Food Time!

Serve it up in a bowl or plate, kick back and enjoy!

Add more Soya Sauce if you want to. Or, if you're like me, add some Chilli oil ;D

Step 8: Thanks

Thanks for reading this instructable. It's my very first instructable so constructive criticisms are very welcome.

Do take photos if you make this!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I have the hardest time with fried rice. I never know what goes in when!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Let me know how it goes :D Take pictures too if you do give it a try :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! BTW, I tried making Chinese 'Take away' and it turned out to be the best we've ever had!
    Scooch, I have a hard time believing you are challenged by anything food related!