Pork Ribs





Introduction: Pork Ribs

Here's an easy way to make pork ribs. Ribs aren't easy to grill well. I often end up with the outside burned and the inside raw. This is a cheat to get decent ribs but still retain the nice grilled taste and texture.

Step 1: Ribs and Beer in a Casserole

Put the ribs in a large casserole. Pour a can of beer over them. Throw in some pieces of garlic and onion if you like.

Step 2: Cook in Oven

Put the casserole, covered, in a 300F oven for an hour or so. You'll want the internal temperature to be about 150F.

Step 3: Add Barbecue Sauce

Cover with a layer of barbecue sauce. A brush works well, or you can spread it with a fork.

Step 4: Grill Briefly

At this point, the ribs are nearly cooked, so it doesn't take much to finish them off on the grill. This is really just for flavor and texture. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes on a hot grill.



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    degroof, thanks, great job. My only comment is that I season and cook them in the pit for 2-3 hours. I remove them and finish them in the oven wrapped in foil for 2-3 hours. Not one complaint yet. Thanks!

    very great i just made some and they were gone within minutes everyone loved them nice instructable, thanks!

    This method of cooking is actually the best way of cooking on a barbecue, partially or completely cook the meats beforehand in an oven, then chuck it on the BBQ and give it a good blast to char and smoke it, then devour... :D

    It is my contention that Yuengling Lager is far from "any" beer...being from PA and all. It is our Elixir of LIFE!!

    I find that it actually works best the other way 'round--I like to put a spice rub on my ribs.. well, this is when I still ate meat... anyway, they get a spice rub, then grilled and basted for caramelization, then in a lowwwwwwwwww oven (200 or 250) with the remainder of the basting sauce for two hours or until they're falling apart. I used tequila and rum in my sauce, too... good, good stuff.

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    that's how i do it too. i have a grill that is poorly designed so it doesn't give off a lot of heat. i rub them, baste them with apple juice and flip them every half hour. After 2 hours I stack them with honey on top of each layer, wrap them together in foil and stick them in a 275 oven for an hour or two. they are fall off the bone delicious and don't need any sauce. i have got to try them degroof's way though, hooray beer!! great instructable degroof!!

    No offense man but this isn't a cheat or trick its the standard way of cooking them. Twould be a good instructable otherwise. Nice pictures.

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    I am sure there are alot of people who don't know the 'standard way' as you call it. This site is for providing step-by-step instructions for any and everything and that is just what degroof has done. He provided pictures, instructions and specifics. I see alot of instructables on this site which have nothing to do with cheats or tricks. Great job degroof.

    I was not saying twas a bad instructable. It is a very good instructable compared to some of the ones i have seen on here. My point was that it wasn't a cheat as he calls it in the intro step. I am picky about the proper use of words.

    It's Friday evening at last! The oven is on and I'm trying this recipe now! A can of 'London Pride' is waiting at the ready!. Let you know how the little porkers go. Cheers!

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    Fantastic! Tasted some of the beer juice prior to basting with the hickory sauce and it was quite bitter. I decided to oven the ribs in foil for a bit then remove the foil half way through. Very pleased with result!

    That's the way to do it. Worth posting, but would be better with your own home-made coating (as opposed to bottled sauce) L

    Sounds great! I haven't tried boiling in the oven or even using beer for it. I'll try that next time. I do differ greatly in that I prefer to fully dip the ribs in sauce after grilling, but that's just a region thing. I'll definitely try this oven method next time!