Pork-n-Burger (Pulled Pork Burger)

Introduction: Pork-n-Burger (Pulled Pork Burger)

Here's a burger I made I thought it was pretty tasty hope you do to.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

So I had some leftover crockpot pork. And I decided I'm going to put that on a burger. Here's what I did.
Burgers (I used some prepared ones)
Crockpot Pork
Bbq Sauce (I made my own Memphis Style)
Cheese Please
Buns (Not of Steel)
Butter (Cause I like my buns toasted)

Step 2: Cook Those Burgers

George Foreman walks into a bar.....
No that doesn't work. But if he walked into a grill that'd be a joke.
I used my trusty GF Grill mostly cause I'm lazy. Cook till the burgers they're done. Yep that easy.

Step 3: Toast Those Buns

I like toasted buns with my burgers. You can do this several ways, you can toast them on the flat top, or (lazy strikes again) the toaster. Guess which one I used..... Butter of course. Then hit em with a little mayo. If that's your thing.

Step 4: Pork Is It

The whole reason I made this burger is because of that darn pork. I took a healthy bit of it and applied some of my Memphis style bbq sauce. Toss it around in a bowl for an even coat.

Step 5: Build a Burger

Time for burger physics 101. Bread, Burger, Cheese, Pork, Bread. Repeat minus rep! Get it!

Step 6: Pour a Beer, and Eat

Sandwich and Beer equals Yums. I went with one of Newcastles Seasonal Ales Werewolf. I think it went well with this burger.

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