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About: 1like= 1 fan donated to 2 Afrikaner so dey have to fite to the death 4 it

The PortaFan is a personal hand held device that was essentially created for anyone who was feeling overwhelmed on a hot summer day. I was inspired to make this when I realized the conditions of my home country, Pakistan. There, power comes and goes throughout the days of summer, but mostly goes, this basically means that there is no A/C or fans to cool us down during the sunny days. Recognizing that many other countries near the border like this, experience similar conditions, my team and i realized to find a solution.

Step 1: The Body and the Motor

Obtain a cylinder like rod (plastic, metal, anything sturdy) to use for the body. Acquire a small motor attached to blades of a fan. Using strong adhesive (hot glue), merge the motor onto the rod at one end and let it dry f r some time.

Step 2: The Power Source

On the polar end, merge a triple A battery (or other battery with minimal voltage) onto the body of your device. U could use glue for this part as well, yet in our case we used electrical tape. Your outcome will be the same.

Step 3: Optional But Recommended

It is likely that you will come to realize that the part of your wire which attaches to the bottom of the battery is too short. Do not worry for there is a simple solution. Acquire an other piece of wire that is about the same width as the original, and remove the ends of their coating. Intertwine the two parts of the wires and now you have a longer wire.

Step 4: The Wiring

With the motor’s wiring, tape the negative charge end to the bottom of the battery (+). The positive wire should lay nearby, but not on the negative end of the battery (facing closest to the motor)

Step 5: The Functionality

To activate the PortaFan, slide the positive wire onto the negative end of the battery to commence the flow of energy

Step 6: The End

Congratulations! Add a frame if necessary and customize as you wish. To add a button, simply attach the positive wire to a button and above the negative end of the battery!

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    3 years ago

    You could always use the body of a disposable electric toothbrush.


    3 years ago

    Pretty neat!
    Next up is to design an inline battery holder so that the batteries can be easily changed out.

    I see a soldering iron in your near future!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool. This looks like a good intro to Electronics project for kids.