Portable, Foldable Wheelchair Ramp


Introduction: Portable, Foldable Wheelchair Ramp

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Here's a design for a light weight portable wheelchair ramp I made for the http://www.tulgeywood.us camp.

Requirements: able to transport it out to the island of Nantucket, put in to place for wheelchair accessability and store when we're not there.

This project might be useful to anyone who has a friend/loved one in a chair that visits occasionally

Step 1: Parts

The door we're accessing opens on to a 5 3/4" drop, 46" long step to another 5" (ish) drop. The second drop opens out on to uneven lawn. I figured I could make two seperate identical ramps and hinge them together then shim up or dig out the second lower ramp once I install the ramp and figure out the uneven parts of the lawn.

Something to think about if you're building one of these. The top ramp section must go flush up to the door step but the lower ramp section must be high enough to clear the end of the step, allowing it to line up with the end of the upper ramp.

So, a sheet of 3/4" ply (smooth on one side) cut in to 3 sections. 2 of 48"32" will make the ramps and the other 48x32 will be used for the sides and ends.

Some 2x1" for securing the end & sides

A load of 1 1/4" deck screws
Wood glue
Acrylic deck dust to provide a non slip surface.

Step 2: Cut the End & Sides

The oringinal sheet was cut in the shop for me, making it easier to transport. I had the 2x1 spare and proceeded marking and cutting the sides and ends

Step 3: Paint

Here is a very simple and quick method for stenciling nice sharp lettering. The tracing paper is non absorbant but thin making it ideal for the job.

1)Sand wood
2)Coat of varnish, let dry
3)drew out some lettering on a long sheet of paper and spray tacked that on to the ramp
4)Cut out letters and spray painted them
5)Another coat of varnish
6)before the 2nd coat dries I added a light coat of acrylic dust to make not slip

Note, if you have trouble with the spray tack not coming up, use a hair dryer (this method works well for taking off vinyl decals fyi)

The second coat of varnish has to go on quick and light or you run the risk of disturbing your lettering. 3rd coat should not be a problem.

Step 4: In Use

So actually, no shims needed, fitted perfectly first try.. yay for the happy campers (o;



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    need it badly
    and this looks prttey simple to make

    improvement: Add Wood to the sides to keep from running off ramp

    1 reply

    great tip, but in this case the ramp would not fold up for storage.


    Looks easy and inexpensive

    Looks like just w need

    Looks like just w need

    Looks easy and k

    Looks like just w need

    Looks just need to get. Into. My basement

    I will try to get this made for me

    I have a storage that was recently built and it's high. Right now I have to climb up. It's 3 feet high from the ground. I have my lawn mower and would like to get a lawn mower tractor. Can you tell me how I can built one. Thank you. ED


    12 years ago

    You ever take it off any sweet jumps?

    1 reply

    Napolean Dynamite? thats funny... we just had our first weekend at our new camp... lots of things to build. Got to off-road-ize some wheelchairs, build another ramp and... well lots of cool stuff.

    Anyone reading this, we're fundraising for the camp and would appreciate anything. Mail me or check back on http://www.tulgeywood.us as I'll upload a donations page in the next day or too.



    12 years ago

    kick-ass project, probably works well as a bike ramp too. great to see people using there skills to help others

    No LEDs with used, thrown, stuck, driven in a matrix, magnetised, spun in a circle, kicked, flung, arranged, attached or otherwise for the making of this ramp. Sorry to dissappoint.

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