Portable AC Unit




Introduction: Portable AC Unit

Simple assembly of a Portable AC unit once materials are purchased at a local Drug Store. It's summer time and as temperature rises it's important to find new ways to stay cool without breaking a sweat.

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Step 1:

Acquire the following items for portable AC unit:

· 1 Styrofoam cooler

· 1 Four Inch High Velocity Fan

· 1 Knife

· 1 Large styrofoam cup

· 1 Bag of ice

· 1 Set of gloves

· 1 Trash bag

· Duct tape

· Pencil

· 1 pair of safety goggles

Step 2:

Organize all items onto a safe workplace to begin constructing the AC unit.

Use open floor space to lay all materials out on the ground

Step 3:

Items used during step three follow:

· 1 Styrofoam cooler lid

· 1 Fan

· 1 Styrofoam Cup

· Pencil

Take the lid of cooler and place near the center of the workplace. Trace a circle around the outlines of the fan on one half of the cooler lid.

Step 4:

Create another circle around the Styrofoam cup on the other half of the lid using the pencil. Creating two drawn circles.

Then cut a hole into the bottom of the cup.

Step 5:

Items used during:

· 1 Styrofoam cooler lid

· 1 Cutting tool

· 1 pair of goggles

· 1 pair of gloves

Cut into the lid of the cooler creating two holes that were just previously drawn with pencil.

Step 6:

Items used during Step Six follow:

· 1 Styrofoam cooler lid

· 1 Fan

· 1 Styrofoam Cup

· Duct tape

Use duct tape to secure fan and Styrofoam cup to the lid of the cooler in corresponding outlines.

Step 7:

Items used during Step Seven follow:

· 1 Styrofoam cooler

· 1 Trash bag

Take the trash bag and place the bag inside the cooler. The purpose of the trash bag is to remove water and ice out of the cooler effectively.

Step 8:

Fill the trash bag in the cooler with ice till the cooler is halfway full.

Step 9:

Items used in step

· 1 Styrofoam cooler and lid

Place the lid created in Steps 2-8 on top of the cooler.

Step 10:

To start the cooling process of the portable AC unit.

Plug in the fan to an active circuit near where you want to begin cooling.

Step 11: Tips

For continued use of the Portable AC unit you just created be sure to cycle in fresh ice to the trash bag. Emptying out warm water is key to keeping the unit at a low temperature. The lower the temperature in the cooler the more effective the Portable AC Unit will perform.

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    3 years ago

    Nice and simple! I need to make one of these soon.. thanks for the details!