Portable Airconditioner (USB or Battery)

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This simple instructable is designed to remove the HELL out of your desk, or bed, or whatever. if you have a PC ors mall power supply fan lying around and is used to take a cheapo slurp at 7/11, then this is for you! easy, simple to make, and you can also apply some salt to taste (REALLY?!?) for thermodynamics to cool air further but your poor ice cubes melt in a pool of cool, salty water.....

Step 1: Gather the Materials

you will need the following things:

A place like hell
cheapo slurpee cup
a power source ( your neighbor)
cutters or scissors

Step 2: Building It

cut notches on the cup so that it would fit the fan you can also put a supporter thingy with the big cups and screw it to the fan, but my fan ain't got holes, only one big hole for the blades. attac your power supply and your cubes in and fire it off!

Step 3: Possible Mods

attach an air deflector to direct the air to you and put salt to taste..........

Step 4: How Does This Work

the air goes in the inlets ( red currents) and gets cooled by ice. the air gets pulled up and out the fan (blue) simple, isn't it? Please comment if you can and please invite other people to view this thing ( sorry for bad quality but this is my first and i just modified the works of other people here and just had the time to do this thingy so thanks to the people who were my inspiration although i have no idea who they are)



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It also drops the freezing point, therefore it might melt, but it will get colder. That's why you use it in old ice cream makers.

    From my experience: DO NOT let them kiddies stick them little fingers in there. Two things might happen, 1) Jam the dam fan period; 2) Get a tiny slice on your finger/s. I just stuck my little pinky in there and now theres a hideous patch of calloused skin on it..... oh wait it dropped off. Still, it hurts first time, everytime! so recommended: put a safety thing in there just in case.....

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    hehehehe, I'm gonna make a, a, a... oh dam I forgot :( NOW I REMEMBER! okay, I'm gonna make a good fan which is driven by... A TAMIYA MOTOR!!!!! those motors are insanely fast and powerful for their size. besides, I'll try to make one of those sterling engines. I'll drive the engines instead of the engine driving something. It reverses the... nah I'll just use a peltier unit... nah... nvm


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     well, all you need for that is:
    4 Diodes
    12v regulator

    Ask google on how to make a bridge rectifier.
    Then wire your phone jack to the AC inputs. And your Regulator, check the datasheet online. Usually the center lead is negative. One of the other leads is input and the other is output.