Portable All-in-One Game Console Box

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Building this portable all-in-one game console box was a great decision! Not only does it make it easy to transport, it also protects my game system and keeps it organized.

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Why build such a thing? Well, I was tired of having to unplug everything and pack up in order to move my game system from place to place. I considered just buying a portable, hand held retro-gaming system, but these would only provide me with a small screen and nowhere to store the cartridges. With this, now all I need to do is plug in a single power cord to the wall, and start gaming. This project also allows me to take my screen with me without fear of breaking it.

I completed this project using mostly things I already had, along with some stuff from my local store. The total price of this project was less than $30, (assuming I already had a screen and game system).

-Requires only one outlet
-Minimal setup time
-Organization of an entire game system in a compact box
-Can support multiple game consoles
-Protected screen
-Large screen for multi-player games

-Heavier than a handheld system
-Cannot operate without a power source

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    10 Discussions

    ground up

    5 years ago

    I'm not trying to be a hater but isn't the whole point of a portable that its well portable. I am currently working on an n64 portable And while its true that its much more expensive to build a full on portable it's also feels like such an accomplishment that puts all of my electronic skills to the ultimate test. That's what makes it special. anyone can put a console in a box. Also most portables have av out and extra controller ports for multi player. However I can see how this would be a good project for a beginner or someone with a low budget. I think a backpack would be a cool 2nd portable console. It could have pockets for games and a screen or av out along with the controllers. That would be much easier to pack around and it would be more streamline. Anyway please don't take this offensively it's a great idea and its got a lot of possibilities I just like portables better.

    1 reply
    Da_Moosemanground up

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the input, ground up. I am glad you have intelligent reasoning, behind your beliefs. I actually originally wanted to do what you are doing with a truly portable N64, but I found that I did not have the time, nor could afford to do it. So hats off to you! I did however develop this project with a few things in mind, which most people are not grasping. Since building a truly portable system was not a possibility, I decided to go with this approach, keeping in mind that it should:

    1. Be inexpensive (I am a poor college student)
    2. Be easily replicated by younger, or less experienced makers. Most other Portable projects require more experience; know how, money, time, and tools which are out of their grasp. I think the only power tools I needed were a drill, a rotary tool and a jigsaw. I did this partially because I don’t have access to more than that for personal use when on campus, and partially because I wanted to make an Instructable with a wide target audience.
    3. Make use of common components I already had, ie. game system, screen etc. and with parts easily bought a local store. (This reduced build time and price greatly.
    4. Be portable enough. I think theleast expensive yet decent portable game system I have seen cost over $100. This project cost me less than $30 and has served me well.
    5. Be non-frustrating and fast to build. Many projects of this type take weeks or months to finish with lots of things to go wrong.
    6. Be moddable, it doesn’t just have to be an N64 or a Retron3, it could hold any system you want. And still be just as portable, (or bulky and heavy, whichever view you prefer).
    7. Not require the system to be modified. Many people wish to not deface their expensive or cherished consoles by cutting/painting/drilling/soldering the console. Be it for resale value or just not trusting themselves enough to do it.

    With that I believe that I have created something special. I have tailored a project that was designed to be great, not only for myself, but for all instructable viewers. This project allows ordinary people to build something and get that feeling of accomplishment you were talking about. For some, this very well may be the “ultimate skill test”. I have gotten a lot of feed back from friends and people who I don’t even know, who all think that this is an awesome project. And that makes me feel good; I hope others can share this joy of building something great. Isn’t that what Instructables is all about, sharing the joy of creating, as well as getting feedback, within the online community? Anyway, I am glad to hear from another viewpoint, and not just be attacked by trolls.

    Enough philosophy, back to my project:

    • Is it totally portable?
      • Nope!
    • Will it replace a well built handheld?
      • Not really
    • Is it a fun project for almost anyone?
      • Yes!
    • Can it be considered mobile, relative to most other systems offering the same as it?
      • Definitely
    • Does any of the above matter?
      • No, as long as you had fun!

    Ground up- You are in no way being a hater, in fact you may have just made a contribution to this project, inspiring me to write in my defense, which made me think of ways to make improvements. I encourage you to keep posting comments on Instructables with the same polite yet thought provoking input.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes there are alternatives, however, this is a great way to put old retro game systems in a portable form, without breaking the bank. Plus this is better for multiplayer/split-screen due to the larger screen. Also, you can put more than one platform into the box, ie. run Xbox alongside Nintendo and Playstation, or any other combination. I'm pretty sure you can't get a handheld to do that for $30!


    5 years ago

    Vote for all contests! Can you have a solar panel with an outlet attached so you can play it outdoors XD

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Solar panels? that's a great idea, I was originally thinking of using a car battery with a 12v to 120v converter to make it completely portable, but that sounds more Eco-friendly and less heavy, plus it would probably last longer (As long as the sun is shining you can play!)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I've always used bags for mine, but this makes much more sense. :)