Portable Bike Repair Stand From Pony Clamp and Tripod





Introduction: Portable Bike Repair Stand From Pony Clamp and Tripod

This slideshow covers my build of this how-to guide for a bike repair stand.  The author has great instructions, so I won't attempt to recreate those here.  I wish I had had time to finish this project up to look as good as the original!

The main components are
  • a 3/4" pony clamp,
  • a 2x4, 
  • a length of 1" pipe
  • a tripod
  • a Seat post clamp (I grabbed mine from an old junker bike),
  • Soft foam (I used an old yoga mat.)
  • Materials to mount the clamp assembly to the tripod.  The details will depends what your tripod looks like. The one I found was a scrounged microphone stand that accepted a length of 1/2" (I believe) pipe.  
I really like the design -- it was easy to make from parts I had lying around, and it works really well.  The pony clamp holds the bike securely, and the seat post clamp can keep the pony clamp in any orientation you need (for example, turned sideways to clamp to the bike's seat post).  In retrospect, I wish I had had a sturdier tripod, as mine isn't very sturdy under the weight of my bike.



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    I like how your storage bin wall has the name "wall of shame". lol

    I need something like this for my dorm room, I've recently fixed a stuck flywheel, realigned my rear wheel, and adjusted my rear derailleur (sucks without a stand). I had to hold the bike up, shift, and turn the pedals solo. 5 stars from me.