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Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Hello fellow speaker builders! This is not my first speaker build, it began when i was young, my first few speakers were not that great and full of neon lights. With each build the quality improved and the speakers began to look more stylish. I build this speaker when i was 19, it was a very hard and complex build but I have learned a lot. Unfortunately I have not documented the entire build. I am from Holland, so there can be some misspellings in my English.

Components i used:

- TA2020 12-15V amp

- Tangent speakers

- Battery 12V 7.2Ah

- Marmitek Boomboom 75 Bluetooth Audio receiver

- Usb Charger(to charge my iPhone)

- Crossover

- Speaker front cover(not in the pictures)

Step 1: Frame and Bending Wood

The first step was creating a frame as shown on the image. Then I bended wood around the frame, 2 pieces of (i think it was) 0,5 mm that i soaked in water for a few hours, I never bended wood before so this was a very hard and annoying job.

Step 2: Components and Wiring

Then I placed all the components into the speaker. I also fitted the Bluetooth receiver in the top of the frame, which was also very hard because I had to place the circuitboard with the button and still maintain the shape of the speaker which resulted in filling the gaps with filler or putty. Then I drilled all the holes in the mounting dish for all the connectors on the backside and then I wired everything.

Step 3: Sanding Down and Painting

The final step was sanding the speaker so i could paint it. This was a very time consuming job, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I wanted it to be perfect. Then I painted the whole thing, first with primer and then with white paint. I have never painted before so this was also new to me. It took me seven coats for the result that I wanted, between each coat dry and wet sanding. I'm happy with the result, I'll hope you like it to!



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    Nice build with an interesting design, where all too many just go for a plain square box. I am missing a few pictures of the build as it is coming along...
    Here are a few pics of the designs I am currently working on.

    2017-02-22 22.18.24.jpgImage1486837751035.jpg
    1 reply

    Thx, unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures during this build. My next build is gonna be more documented. Awesome looking design you've got there, my next build is also gonna be a cylindrical shape.


    1 year ago

    The tapered and curved shape I think is good for a speaker. Minimum parallel surfaces in the interior space mean the enclosure would not suffer much from standing wave reflections which can be a problem with rectilinear box designs.

    Thx, I think I'm never gonna bend wood again, took me a few years of my life :-P

    I love the shape, it's very unique and modern! On the flip side I imagine it might be a bit wobbly when playing low frequency sounds. Did you notice anything like that?

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    Thx! You are right, the first time I played this speaker the low frequency were not that great. At first I stuffed the speaker with only wool, this resulted in echo(reverb, reverberation) in the case. Then I put damping material into the case(see picture) which makes the speaker sounds great. The sound of the speaker is at his best when placed a few inches from a wall.

    Nice build! :) I love the shape you chose.