The Portable Backpack Boombox

Introduction: The Portable Backpack Boombox

About: Hi my name is Thijs and i have a fascination for portable speakers. I love to repurpose cool objects as speaker cases and think about how i can make it work and look good.

This was one of my very first portable boombox builds of a couple of years ago. the general idea was to make a small and very portable boombox that could fit in my backpack. All this while still getting the best music quality out of it as possible.

In this build i learned alot about woodworking in particular. In this kind of builds the most important thing is that your measurements and cuts are true. I always double checked to make sure all the different pieces would fit together when assembled.

Unfortunately i didn't document the building process at all so i will talk a bit about the specifications and features next.


-TA2024 modded class D amplifier, 2 x 15w rms

-2 x visaton FRS8, 30w rms

-5 AH Lead gel battery


-All the woodwork is 18mm MDF. On the outside i countersunk all the screws, put some filler in the holes and sanded it down to get a smooth surface. I didn't repeat this step at one of the two big sides and only secured this piece with 4 screws so i could open up the case if something might be broken. To achieve an airtight seal i put some thin rubber weatherstrips inbetween the wood.

-Each speaker has its own airtight acoustic chamber. They are both measured at a volume of 1 L since this should be the optimal closed enclosure volume for this type of speakers.

-I made a charging cable that can be connected with a 230v socket on the enclosure which is connected to the battery. At the end of the cable i secured two bolts representing the positve and negative pole.

-The flat metal components (the grill and backplate) are both CO2 lasered stainless steel. The handle is made of chroomed steel.

-With the 5AH battery it can play inbetween 10-15 hours on a normal volume (~60%).

-The wood is treated with a base layer of ground paint and 3 layers of black industrial spraypaint.



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