Portable Car Table and Glovebox Kit





Introduction: Portable Car Table and Glovebox Kit

Have you ever wanted to eat your lunch on the road but couldn't find a place for that burger? Well here is your solution! I present to you the cup holder car table! Also in this instructable include how to make the notepad and pen station and how to make a glovebox necessities kit. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: What You He's a Need'n

For the table you will need:

-4 short screws
- spay paint
- wood polish
- pvc pipe 3/4" cpvc
- 3/4-1/2 cpvc pipe reducer
- sand paper ~~multiple grits
- food can ~~ medium size
- 3/4" plywood
- caulk or any type of self hardening sticky silicon
- pipe cutter
- writing utensil
- Electric Drill
- 3/4" drill bit or dreamily with cutter ball bit
- tape measurer
- rag

The first thing you want to do is draw a large circle on the plywood. Mine was about 12" in diameter.


In this step sand the entire circle shaped piece of wood. Be sure to sand with the grain- the way the wood lines go. You should use several grits of sand paper, remember to go from grits like 80 to 100 to 150 grit. Sand the edges of the circle so that when you look at them they are rounded like mine.

Step 3: Stain It! Turn It! Flip It! Bop It!

Next take your wood polish of choice and you rag and apply stain to your table. The more you sanded the better the stain. If you have ditches in your wood you can't get to then drip stain in the holes and quickly wipe it off to ensure no uneven staining. Once the top is finished flip and repeat be sure to do this outside or somewhere warm and dry to speed up the process. Stain the edge of the circle as well and let sit until the stain is dry, you may have to apply more than 1 coat.

Step 4: Meanwhile...

While the table top is drying cut about 12" of 3/4" cpvc pipe be sure that the edges are straight not completely slanted! a little slant is ok.

Step 5: Yessssssss We Get to Paint Something!!!

Bring your cpvc 12" pipe outside along with some spray paint of your choice and your 3/4"-1/2" cpvc adapter. Insert a rod into the pipe and stick it in the ground. Prepare your spray paint for 5 minutes and spray away hey hey! A 15 minute time lapse should be between each coat, use about 1-3 coats of paint and let it dry for about an hour.

Step 6: "Can" You Make This?

Select a non dented can from your recycling. Remove the paper from the can. Polish any glue marks off of the can with sandpaper and be sure to make the can rough for painting. Paint the can any color of choice as you did the cpvc pipe and let it dry.

Step 7: Duo Wood Circle

While the can dries select another can and use it to mark a circle pattern on 2 pieces of plywood to cut out. When you have cut the pieces of wood out only stain one of them as you did the table top except don't do the bottom or sides.

Step 8: Everyone Get Drill Happy

Select a drill bit to match the pipe size. I used a 3/4" bit. Drill a hole into the center of the two small circular pieces of wood all the way through. Once you've finished use a Dremel to widen the hole so that your 3/4" in cpvc pipe can fit through both of them.

Step 9: In the Mood

Next drill/grind a hole with your Dremel into the center of your table top, make the hole only half way through. This hole should tightly fit your 3/4"-1/2" adapter 1/2" end. Glue the 1/2" end into the hole with any sort of caulk or silicon. Once the piece is in place select 2 small short screws and put them in on angles from the inside out to hold the plastic piece in even more. Sorry no picture for that step.

Step 10: Glue'n, Screw'n and Stick'n

Take your dry can and caulk in the non stained piece of wood into the can like so. Then take your second piece of stained wood and place it in the top so that the stained part is facing out and is barely above your can rim. Screw 2 screws into the rim of your can through the wood. Be sure not to have a screw go unto the hole in the center. Insert the pipe like shown above and gaze in amazement at your creation................. Done yet?

Step 11: Put'n It All Together

Connect the 3/4 in cpvc pipe to the table top by connecting the cpvc adapter and the pipe. And there you have it, a portable sturdy car table. Now if this doesn't fit in your cup holder and is too small then wrap two stands of foam tape around the can like I did and your good to go.

Step 12: Add Ons

If your a worker always on the road and need a pen. Use Velcro and silicone spray to fix that. Cut Velcro to match your pen and paper pad like I have done and glue the fuzzy part onto the pen and pad. Next spray the silicon onto the back of the prickly Velcro side and stick it to anything to hang your pencil/pen and paper. I stuck mine to the table.

Step 13: Want to Know Car Essentials That Make Life So Much Easier? Here You Go!

I asked my parents what they really needed in their car and here is what they said!

Must haves for a glove box kit-

- hand sanitizer for removing scratches on the outside of cars, melting Ice on door handles and for sanitation when need be

- band aids, gauze, neosporn for cuts

-gum, mini toothbrushes, dental floss and minor beauty products can be essential when trying to go somewhere nice and need a quick fresh up

- Swiss Army knive, mini scissors, tire gauge and ice windshield scrapers are very useful in cars for quick use in maintaining your cars windshield.

- be sure to put all this in a small slim bag or side pocket of your car so it doesn't take up as much space

Thank you for reading this far and leave a comment they help O so much. Also I have entered this instructable into the Glovebox Gadgets and the DIY universities contest so if you liked and or enjoyed this instructable then vote for it!



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    20 Discussions

    Cool idea, I would consider making a foldable one so that you can store it easier? Also what if cup holders were really close to the dashboard? Take it into consideration and you might make those to sell :) I would buy one :)

    1 reply

    It does collapse and come apart but my model was for cars with cup holder that are far from the dashboard. Thanks! My family said the same thing!

    Genius idea! Am thinking a "lip" would be nice, so might try a "picture frame" variant...

    Thanks! Although I won't add the underwear.....just because it feels weird to ask people to keep underwear in their glovebox. But thanks for the comment!

    Love the table, consider adding wet wipes, flashlight and a measuring tape to your car kit, those are the 3 things from mine I use most, good thing too, because I have a spare pair of underwear in mine. lol

    Thanks for the favorite! It should only take you 1-2 hrs since your not testing as you go. How it comes out great!

    This is going on my favorites. Thanks for sharing. I will be making for sure.

    Thanks all for the comments and uplifting posts they help a lot in the making of my instructables! Seriously they do. Also thanks for making it possible for this instructable to be featured.

    Nice job !

    Great instructable, especially for the kit part! Just one question, how deep is the hole in the plate part and are you not afraid it might unglue and fall ?

    1 reply

    the hole goes only 1/2 way through the plywood. My wood was 3/4" thick so that would be about 3/8 of an inch. I also used 2 short screws and put them in on angles from the inside. Also thanks for commenting!


    this is great im going to build this for sure. thanks.

    You rock. I would buy this as an auto accessory! Now tell us, what was your first meal at the table? :)


    3 years ago

    ohhhh and nice i'ble too. well done.


    3 years ago

    Made a table kinda similar few years back. I had a floor mount that the leg screwed into and a hitch pin to lock the table to the leg. Mine also had a half inch lip up around it ( square table) to keep things on it while driving. Note to everyone..... Please do not read, text, or eat messy food while driving!