Portable Coffee Maker

Morning in the woods by the lake.
Slowly opening eyes and taking first steps out of tent.
Nature around you is already in action.
You would be to, but you're missing something.
Yes, it is that morning cup of coffee and it would be there with you if you could only pack your coffee maker.

Well here is the solution to this and many more similar situations.
3D printed coffee maker, actually filter holder for coffee that fits on any kind of cup.
It is so portable because it can be disassembled in two parts so it can fit around other things in luggage.


Step 1: Technical Stuff

In .zip file you have .stl file for making this one part. You need to make two same parts to be useful. I hope it doesn't need much preparation for printing because I haven't tested it due to the lack of 3D printer/maker.

Makers dimensions when assembled are 120x120x90mm (approx. 4.72x4.72x3.54in) and it can fit in cylinder of that size, variations in size may occur, but those variations shouldn't exceed +-10mm(0.39in) witch won't make difference in making coffee.

It uses #4 coffee filters

Step 2: How to Use It

When you made all parts, connect two parts and you are ready for brewing!
Place maker on top of cup.
Fold filter and put it in maker.
Put the ground coffee in filter.
Poor boiling water on the coffee and the holy drink will poor in the cup.

Step 3: Summary

After spending time on my instructable I want to thank you for patience.
I hope this is the thing that you have been searching for to print.
I would be very happy if some one makes this coffee maker and shares photos of it.
And please comment in a name of improving design.



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    When you go to Print this, you will have to use a High Temp filament for this. Proto-pasta had one but is reformulating it.

    I had a customer use our strongest filament with a coffee ring and it warped so he tried the High Temp filament which I haven't heard of an issue as of yet.

    Other wise the material will warp with boiling water.



    3 years ago

    Please suggest a type of plastic filament to use for painting. It must be food safe and able to withstand exposure to 100 degrees C without softening or deformity.

    1 reply
    Handy manpeabody1929

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for notice, there are food safe PETT filaments that have melting point of 250 degrees C and are moulded at temperatures of 215 degrees C. So I think it won't make problems at 100 degrees C.