Portable Cone Burner Kit




Introduction: Portable Cone Burner Kit

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Step 1: Materials

An altoids tin , tin snips , sheet metal ( cutting from a soda can will do ) sharpie , ruler , matches(lighter) cones

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the metal to the size i did 3& 3/16 x 1

Step 3: Marking , and Bending

Mark 1/2 inches in, then from the line u made measure in 2 1/4 then from that new line measure another half inch (you'll have a little bit left ), slide the ruler so you are measuring from the same side u did before and mark the same thing , cut the sliver off , then bend both sides at 90 degrees facing the same way

Step 4: Finishing Up

Put the metal tray/stand across the middle of the tin and put a cone on it , the tin will also act as an ash tray

Step 5: Storage

Simply remove the tray and lay top down inside the tin, a box of matches fits perfectly on top this way , and you can keep a few cones inside too

Step 6: Safety Disclaimer

I forgot to mention u should sand or file the edges of the tray so u dont cut yourself, and be careful as there is nothing holding the cone in place , use on a fire proof or resistant area , i use a 12"x12" sheet of sheet metal

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    What is it good for?