Portable Crochet Hook Case

Introduction: Portable Crochet Hook Case

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I crochet a lot and I often run into to the problem of losing the hook I need.  I came up with this idea so I'd be able to keep track of all my crochet hooks easier and also so they would be more portable.  The problem with crochet hooks is that they are easily lost in yarn or bags when working from project to project.  Keeping my hooks in this case makes it easier to find them right when I need them.  I'm sure this case would work well for other small crafting tools other than crochet hooks.

Skill- crochet/ felting
Tools- Crochet hook 5.50 mm, scissors, felting needle, carded wool, yarn

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Step 1: Beginning the Project

chain 33 stitches 
turn and dc in the 4th chain from hook and dc the rest of the row
turn chain 3 and dc once in every stitch for the rest of the row
continue this until it is at least a row taller than your hook. 

Step 2: Adding Color

row 1: work the new color into the last stitch and chain 3 and then make 15 dc stitches
row 2: chain 3, turn, dc in every stitch.
row 3: chain 3, turn, dc decrease, dc until the last 3 stitches and make a dc decrease, dc in last stitch.
row 4: ''
row 5: ''
row 6:''
tie off the end

Step 3: Making the Pocket

Chain 3 in the inside of the stitches in the first row, When you are done with the row, turn , chain 3, and dc in every stitch until desired length.

Step 4: Felting the Wool

Card some wool and then felt it into where the pockets would be.  (don't want crochet hook falling through the holes in the stitches.)  Felting needles are also good for hiding yarn ends.  Wool carders are often around $70, Felting needles can be found on Ebay for around $3-7, and you can also buy pre-carded wool online on Ebay if you don't own llamas or  sheep.

Step 5: Crocheting in the Sides

Crochet the sides of the pockets (or you can sew with a yarn needle)

Step 6: Final Touches

Felt the middle of the pocket or sew it so it folds easier and so hooks or tools don't get stuck in the fold. 
Either crochet a button or sew a button on the the front so the flap can close.
Felt any loose strands of yarn ends. 

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