Portable & Disposable Press Drill




Introduction: Portable & Disposable Press Drill

Portable & Disposable Press Drill that can be really used anywhere.

Step 1: Introduction

For my project I needed a press drill


- Low budget

- No space (Live in a rented apartment)

- Need to use the tool anywhere (Really anywhere)

- No space to store the tool after the project.

Step 2: Material

1/2 inch piece of pipe threaded at 1 end.

1 round base that can be screwed at one end of the pipe.

4 Screws to fix the round base

2 braces, the type you use to fix the pipe to a wall.

4 Screws to fix the pipe brace

1 adjustable metal brace that will be long enough to go around the drill.

2 or 3 Screws to fix the adjustable brace to the wood.

(Note I had an extra piece of metal to help fix the adjustable brace but you can live easily without it.)

1 plank (I cut in 3 pieces in the picture. Subsequent picture will show you how to use them.)


1- I used a piece of wood thick enough to prevent my screws to pop out the other side.

2- No need to be precise with the width/length/thickness of the wood

1 wood spacer (Some small pieces of wood thick enough to bring the drill at a respectable distance of the base of the assembly.)

Step 3: Assembly

Screw the round base to the longest plank. (This is the base of your press drill.)

Screw the pipe to the round base.

Screw the 2 braces to the wood spacer. Fix the brace in a way that it slides easily along the pipe but at the same time it must fit snuggly too, no wobbling. The farther apart the brace the more stable is the assembly.

Fix the adjustable brace to the other side of the spacer. Set it the more perpendicular to the pipe as possible.

Note: Fine adjustments are done when you are fixing the drill.

Before installing the drill: Verify there is no wobbling in you assembly, re-tighten all your screws.

Install the sliding spacer on the pipe.

Put a long drill bit in your drill.

Insert the drill inside the adjustable brace and tighten.

Verify the drill is perpendicular by measuring the angle along the drill bit. Check all side of the drill bit.

Note: I use the drill bit for the verification because it is the only part of the drill without curves.

You can fine tune the angle of the drill by loosening and re-tightening the adjustable brace.

Step 4: Usage

Use your drill as a press drill with your base.

Use your drill as a regular drill when you are not using your base. Leave your drill in the brace it will prevent you to readjust everything.

Step 5: ​Portability

You can use clamps to suspend the assembly in mid air when you need it. I had no space to move my assembly so I moved my press drill to my hole instead.

Step 6: ​Disposability

You can throw away any parts that are easy to replace. E.g. The bulky pieces of wood are the first ones to go.

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