Portable ECG (using OLED to Display the Signal)




Hi, i'm working on a portable ECG , EKG, see all steps...

Step 1: The Design, the Circuit the Summary

If there are any error in the description, please leave me feedback, thanks

Hi, I'm working on a portable ecg, EKG , the idea is to make a low cost ecg visualizer device that can be powered by 3.7 batteries

The circuit has three filter, lowpass, highpass and notch or stopband filter, also the instrumentation amplifier is used, after this one the signal goes to the filters. then the signal is sampled by the msp430 uc, and then the values are send to the esp8266, I was planning to do all in the ESP but the board that I have dont have any pins connected to the adc and I have not a I2C adc IC.

More info feel free to comment , since I dont make this one as a special entry for instructables, so pardon me for the lack of information. but again feel free to ask.

Step 2: The Analog Signal

This is the result of the filters and one lead configuration of the three lead standard.

Step 3: Adding the Digital

Some 60hz noise and some visuals of the signal on the oled display

Step 4: The Pcb

This is the smd pcb that I did, one problem in the design make this one totally useless, well the signal is good after the first filter then is mess up

The box will containg the whole device, by now i have to fix the pcb :/



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    2 years ago

    Hi, can u give some more information regarding your circuit and working ?



    2 years ago

    great idea and results so far - i unserstand this is a working in progress thing - so dont give up - signal probs are very commons if dealing with so little signal amplitudes - maybe you get some dirwction fom this:


    its something which helped me a lot on several problems - so keep up your good work und keep us posted about your progress - good luck !

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I really appreciated that help, since I want to add a right leg driver to get rid of some noise and do an EMG to control a TENS unit, Thanks