Portable Entertainment Center

all in one battery stereo, dual mp3 encoder/decoder / FM radio , bluetooth audio, DVD player, free view / analog tv / nintendo nes emulator with USB game controller input, SD card slot with roms / a/v in - out, plays .avi movies, VGA in, usb phone charger also an alarm clock mode, still all housed into a wooden box.

Step 1: Functions

built amplifier from an old sharp ghetto blaster, portable dvd player with 11" screen, free view, with nes ROM playback, two mp3 encoder / decoder - fm radio modules one with Bluetooth, battery clock alarm starts mp3 from where you left off, built in speakers, battery / mains.

Step 2: Building Stages

have made changes over time, original smaller dvd player just sat in top.

Step 3: Finished Item.



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    2 years ago

    that is very cool. But why is it better than a laptop? other than sound blasting abilities. Still I like it. Love the ability to re use old ghetto blaster gear, and use one of those power supply batteries.