Portable Hot-Chocolate Maker




Introduction: Portable Hot-Chocolate Maker


This little hot-chocolate maker will quickly prepare hot-chocolate in your car or at home. just add water and hot-chocolate mix and plug it in to your 12v to 110v car adapter and you hot-chocolate will be ready in 5 to 7 minutes.

A while a go i thought that it would be really cool to be able to have fresh hot-chocolate in the car this winter. I wanted to make a little gadget that would prepare the hot-chocolate with little effort. The biggest problem would be to heat the hot-chocolate. The Idea for electrical heating came from this cool teapot that quickly boils water using an electric heating element. So I got a heating element that was small and would fit the travel mug.

Please let me know what you think, i'd love your feedback. Also you can vote for my project if you like it. Thanks!

Step 1: Parts

The parts you'll need are:

  1. A coffee travel mug
  2. A lid from a jar that will fit nicely on the travel mug
  3. A switch
  4. A heating element that will fit in your travel mug
  5. A 12V to 110V car adapter (for preparing the hot -chocolate in the car.)

Step 2: Securing the Heating Element to the Lid

  1. Cut the wire of the heating element where you want to add your power switch. (more on power switch in next step)
  2. Cut out a hole in the jar lid just big enough for the base of the heating element to fit in snugly. If you heating element is like mine and is not straight them be sure to cut your hole enough to the side so that when you heating element is placed in the hole and the lid on the mug, it will still fit in the mug.
  3. Put the heating element through the hole so that the base fits tightly in the hole and the heating element comes out the bottom

Step 3: Adding the On/Off Switch

Secure the wire connected to the heating element to one end of the switch connect the other half with the plug to the other side of the switch. Or like me can can use a longer cord instead of the one that came with the heating element to make the hot-chocolate maker able to make hot-chocolate in the back seat of the car.

Step 4: Preparing the Hot-Chocolate

Before you get in the car:

  1. Add filtered water to the travel mug so that it is full but not so much that it is hard to carry without spilling.
  2. Pour In your hot-chocolate mix and stir a couple of times.

In the car:

  1. With the power switch turned off plug your hot chocolate maker into the car adapter.
  2. Place the travel mug in a cup holder.
  3. Place the jar lid on the travel mug.
  4. Turn on the power switch.
  5. Let your hot-chocolate heat up for 5 to 7 minutes or until warm enough to drink.
  6. When ready: turn the power switch off and replace the cooking lid with the travel mug's original lid
  7. Enjoy your hot-chocolate!

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    14 Discussions

    Boiling water in a car. And people wonder why so many European cars don't come with cup holders.

    I can see the immense usefulness in camping or going through Siberia or any other place where one depends heavily on a car. In all other cases, I can imagine someone who'll think it's a good idea to brew a mug in traffic.

    Watch out for McDonald's type lawsuits.

    This is cool but here's a question.... Where do u now put down the hot element

    3 replies

    Good question. I've found that once turned off, the heating element cools down fairly quickly so you could put it in an empty cup in a cup holder when you're done.

    How about the jar that the lid came from? It could screw together and it would also keep the element safe. Maybe you could line it with something so that the heat doesn't transfer to through the glass accidentally. Like one of those beer warmers for the the outside.

    Might be cheaper/simpler to get the 12v heating element and skip the power inverter.


    1 reply

    Yah your right it would be a lot more cost effective. I was thinking of doing something like that but I couldn't find a 12 volt heating element and I already had the inverter so i decided to go with that.

    Hot drinks on the go can save you hours on a journey. From my own experience I have made Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate. However to do this I have always used a 12-volt kettle and an upgraded Plug and Socket wired into my car. Heavy Duty Wiring and a correctly rated fuse they are a must. You don’t want to be burning out your car’s electrical system.

    I have also purchased Mugs similar to the one shown that have a 12-volt warming element sealed inside them. I doubt if the cost of purchasing ether the Kettle or The Mug or both would be as much as buying just the A 12V to 110V car adapter. I can think of lots of other reasons not to use a 12v to 110v all would depend on the particular car. I any case a 12v to 240v would better in the UK to enable a
    240v system if it wasn’t for the devices fan draining power.

    Also if we were talking about a short journey then making you Hot Chocolate with a kettle into the above-mentioned heated mug at home and keeping it warm would be better in my opinion. Still the time and money saving hot drinks on the go is a great idea.

    Very nice. You might be better off just heating the water first though so the heating element doesn't accumulate burnt chocolate. That way your can use it to make tea and coffee also without transferring the taste from cup to cup.

    I like it, I'd love to have something like that warming up my chocolate on the way to school. Awesome

    Cool idea. You should even make a stove for scrambled eggs and then you will have a full breakfast on the way to work. :)

    Aw man I need this in my life, this is ingenious. I love how quick it is too especially during a morning commute!