Portable Light Box

Introduction: Portable Light Box

OK, so I've seen a few instructables for light boxes and thought I'd have myself a wee try, but when I was in the attic I came across the box for my monitor and inspiration struck for a portable light box! Once you're done it just folds away all neat and tidy.

PS This is my first instructable so go easy on me!

Step 1: What You Need

1 cardboard box - briefcase style.
1 pair of scissors
1 Stapler
Staple (of course)
Old T-shirt/pillow cases/fabric etc.
Bulldog clips/ binder strips

Oh yeah, and a clear space to work on... Not like mine. LOL.

Step 2: Staples Are Sharp...

Unfold your box so the lid is now your base and take your scissors and chop up the T-shirt or pillow case and staple into the sides and lid.

It might be a good idea to have your hand away from where you're stapling - they're actually quite sharp.....

Step 3: Binding Strips Are Not Just for Fancy Reports

Now the fabric is stapled down, how do I keep the other end up?  Well I just cut down some foldy panelly bits at the side of the lid - which also happens to let more light in!  win/win! But any bit of card will do as long as it's long enough and just slip a binder strip over it and the fabric.  I then attached it to more foldy bits on the lid with some bulldog clips. 

Step 4: Gentlemen, Choose Your Background!

Once all the rest is ready I just took a white pillowcase and stapled it to the top, letting it drop down naturally to give that nice infinity background style and away I went. 

Might try a few different ones and will definately look at adding a light diffuser to the top as well, but am quite chuffed with the results I have!

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