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Introduction: Portable Mario Brothers Scene

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Make a take-along scene for your fave Super Mario story, to play with during boring restaurant trips and in the car.  That is, if you can keep your nosy cat away while you make it. 

Step 1: Hot Melt Glue!

Of course!  Always use lots.  Either print or draw and color the images you need.  This is Bowser, from the Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga story where Bowser gets in touch with his feminine side, turned into Bowletta by a witch that he swallowed.   Here is the Bowser image, front and back.  The hot melt makes it heavier and unmovable.  That's a lego glued in at the bottom for extra support. 

Step 2: Make the Scene Background

This is made of part of an old cardboard box, hot melt and legos-and lots of coloring.  Its the inside of Bowser's stomach, complete with the witch that he swallowed. 

Step 3: Close Ups of the Scene

Here you can see some of the details of whats going on inside Bowser's stomach. . 

Step 4: Now Take It Along and Amuse Yourself While Adults Spend Boring Time in Restaurants.

Here's Bowser standing in front of his stomach!  Enjoy. 



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