Portable Micro Smoke / Fog Machine From Vape




This is more of a re-purposing of an existing item with a very small modification. I was looking for months for a small portable fog machine. I needed smoke effects for photo shoots, cosplay and so on. The key here is I don't smoke - or inhale. I wanted a vape that would work well when blowing out - and not all do. Details are in the video.

You want vape juice designed for "cloud chasing" (lost of smoke volume) - this is also much higher in Vegetable Glycerin (VG) than Propylene Glycol (PG.) Of course you also want 0 nicotine, and to pick a flavor that's sweet - I usually use "Cotton Candy" or similar. People around you will smell the smoke, so sweet is better.

Step 1: How to Use It

I chose this model vape because it's compact, is an economical "cloud chasing" / high volume vape, and has customization settings. I have fogged up small rooms quickly. Plus I've tested it with the tubes. I use the Oxygen feed tubes from home oxygen therapy suppliers - also on Amazon and eBay. Really inexpensive. One 20 foot hose will go a long way and have two ends for biting down on.

The video has full details and examples. I love the effect you can get with gas masks and Halloween mask. I'll run a longer tube from the mask down into my pocket where I'll have the vape.

I've put this vape 20 feet away and blown through the hose for some amazing effects.

You'll need:

Smok R Steam 80 Nano, sub-ohm vape - around $40-50 - shop around
18650 battery (not all will work!)
Vape juice
Oxygen tube



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    7 months ago

    An odd thing happened. Used the same tubing you used and put it to a different vape. It started to taste/smell "burnt". A friend that is an avid vaper said that the coils must have burnt out. When he took the vape apart, he saw that the coil was perfectly fine.

    We assume the tubing was burning/melting. Any experience with this?

    Lady Inali

    1 year ago

    I love this! I just need to fiugre out how to make this work with my costume!


    1 year ago


    I'd like your thoughts on making a chamber to trap the smoke that's blown out and focus it through one specific point that could be through a straw or tubing to force it to go in a specific direction. What could you use for the chamber?

    Thanks so much!


    2 years ago


    Good idea but as a vaper might I make a suggerstion? Buy some vegetable glycerin - a liter would be only a few dollars, add some food flavouring of your choice (peppermint, vanilla, lemon - whatever you have) thin it with ten to twenty percent water and hey presto! you have some very cheap vape juice that will last for quite a while. I have some other ideas to make this cheaper as well... let me know if you're interested...


    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi Pamberdog,

    Water is a conductor of electricity (contains metal particles and also some additives that might turn nasty when burnt?), not sure this is overly safe to be using in a vape mixture as there is the risk of a short? Unless you used de-ionised water but even then I wouldn't be 100% convinced and that defeats the whole object of being cheapo

    Be safe :)



    Reply 2 years ago

    Actually many vapers (including myself) regularly use water in their mixes with no adverse effect, though more commonly Propylene Glycol is used to thin it out - I only said water to keep costs down even though PG is pretty cheap in its own right.