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Are you like recording a video? but you need a better sound for your camera?.

Ok, now i will show you how to make Portable Camera Microphone from cheap parts. You can make this for fast, i finish my job less than 30 minutes.

Whats best ?

  • Custom case for microphone
  • Cheap
  • Light to carry
  • Small
  • Portable
  • And many more

No more talking, Lets make it!!!!

Step 1: You Need

  • 3,5 Audio jack (i using old converter)
  • Some cables
  • Old phone microphone / any best microphone
  • Some glue


  • Soldering iron

Step 2: Open Your Audio Jack

Because i'am using audio jack converter, so i need to open this using knifes like image.

Step 3: Solder

  • Strip the end of wire
  • solder it to your microphone
  • Next, i solder my microphone to Gnd and Right, but you can use 2 microphone for your portable microphone. So the sound is Stereo

Step 4: Make the Case

I use case from audio jack converter to make the case for the microphone. and i use a small tubes to cover the cables on the audio jack like image. And now you portable microphone is finish and ready to test!.

You can use it on camera, PC/laptop , phone and etc.

Thanks for look my works

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    2 years ago

    downside: it's only Mono while the camera audio is (in most cases) stereo

    2 replies